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Monday, August 23, 2010

Morgan's Vigil by Sophia Titheniel

Morgan's Vigil by Sophia Titheniel
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (80 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

Morgan's life isn't that bad. Sure, he's bullied, but what gay guy isn't. He doesn't have many friends, but it's high school, a notoriously shitty period in the life of every teenager. He's eighteen, and in just two months, he'll leave for college, where he'll major in Modern Literature and Poetry, and he'll be far, far away from Mission High School.

Until a bullying episode drives him running straight into a speeding car. Morgan's life is suddenly hovering by a thread. But Morgan isn't dead -- he's just out of his body. No one can hear or see him but Derek, his red-haired, unapologetic intern who sticks by him and helps him overcome his fears and find his path in life.

Derek's a keeper, and Morgan's sure he's in love. But will those feelings last once he's back in his body?

Being invisible is not such a bad thing when you have someone who sees you. When a surprising hit and run lands high school student Morgan in the ICU, he’s shocked to discover his spirit has disconnected from his body. The only person who can see him is Derek, a cute intern that is determined to help Morgan clear up any lingering issues so he can re-enter his body. But when Morgan and Derek start to fall in love, their newfound discovery may be lost if Morgan wakes with no memory of his time as a spirit.

Morgan’s Vigil is the second book in the City by the Bay series. The first focused on Evan and Casey (from Sadie’s Kiss) and this offering reads more as a sequel for these two than as a romance for new couple Morgan and Derek. This isn’t necessarily bad and I really enjoyed learning more about Evan and Casey as they navigate a life together with the touch of supernatural. Most of the sex scenes are between Evan and Casey and they are in love as ever. They struggle with some insecurity and issues between the two, so fans will be delighted to see how they grow together and respond to the challenges of being together.

The side story line of Morgan and Derek is nice but definitely not the main focus. These two are decently developed but suffer in comparison to Evan and Casey. This is because readers are likely to remember these two from before and thus Morgan and Derek pale in comparison. Their romance lacks the real special edge that I was expecting. Considering Morgan is a spirit, I thought their slow budding romance would have more intrigue and spice but feels as if the spirit angle is unimportant. Again this isn’t bad, though I would have liked more of this, it’s merely not what I was expecting from the blurb.

Overall Morgan’s Vigil is a nice, sexy read. It returns to the solid characters of Evan and Casey and builds on their relationship. While you don’t have to read the first book to understand the dynamics here, it’s advised to get the full scope of the emotions and growth. The blurb is a bit misleading in the focus on Morgan and Derek, who are more of a side note, but they’re interesting and a nice couple so they are certainly not a bad inclusion. This will appeal most to those fans wanting more of Sadie’s Kiss.

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