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Friday, August 13, 2010

One Wicked Night by Heather Boyd

One Wicked Night by Heather Boyd
Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (29 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Stephanotis

Benedict Abernathy, an untitled and wealthy gentleman visiting London, is heartily sick of his celibate existence. Determined to leave his shattered heart behind and move on with his life, he accepts an invitation for a night of debauchery in the arms of London’s infamous courtesan, Lottie Townsend.

. . . . she will indulge his every desire.

Lady Charlotte Goodchild has fallen far from privilege and longs for one night of pleasure with the man she loves. But Benedict must be spared the truth of her ruin at all costs. Posing as Lottie Townsend, a notoriously discriminating courtesan and old friend, she disguises her identity and invites Benedict to share the night of passion that fate denied them.

Benedict Abernathy is tired of being celibate and eagerly accepts an invitation for a night of pleasure with one of London's infamous courtesans, Lottie Townsend. However, it's not Lottie who attends to his needs, but her friend Lady Charlotte Goodchild who wants to give him the night of passion that fate denied them.

The author does a great job describing Lottie's house and its lavish furnishings. It's one of the pleasures of reading a Regency romance, and Ms. Boyd didn't disappoint. I hadn't realized this story was just 29 pages and my concern was how the author would handle this storyline in such a short time. She does so by drawing us right into the story and introducing the two characters in a vivid enough way we feel we've been reading about them for at least a couple of chapters.

By its plot description you know this is going to be a hot, sexy read - so the scene leading up to the first time they make love is very nicely drawn out. For me what added to the tension was knowing it's Charlotte and not Lottie and that these two people have a history. The dialogue is very natural sounding, especially for the period. They're likable characters, and secondary ones are used well in such a short story. Ms. Boyd packs lots of plot into these 29 pages. If you like a short, sexy Regency romp, or you're looking for a story that you can read in less than 30 minutes, I recommend this one.

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