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Monday, August 2, 2010

Picture Perfect by Kate Watterson

Picture Perfect by Kate Watterson
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (48 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Menage
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Stephanotis

Victoria Lambeth has an orderly life, that is until a friend asks a special favor. Posing as a model for a book on sexuality is risky enough, but when instead of taking pictures with her boyfriend, his younger brother Wade steps in, and it all gets really interesting. In a good way. Or a wickedly bad way.

She's bright, she's beautiful, and despite his best efforts, Wade Preston can't stop fantasizing about his brother's girlfriend. He wants her, but he knows Ross is in love with her, and there are some boundaries that can't be crossed. Well, unless he's invited to cross them. Then the game changes and suddenly and those fantasies are about to come true.

Two men and a woman who is willing to break a few rules prove that unconventional love might still be picture perfect.

Victoria Lambeth decides to do her friend Andy Kendall a favor and poses in a bikini for his portfolio. While he's snapping photos, in walks Wade Preston, the brother of her boyfriend, Ross. Wade's always had a thing for Victoria and when Andy suggests he pose with her, things heat up and get uncomfortable. Just to throw in more complications, in walks Ross and finds the whole thing a turn on. Fast forward to later that evening when Wade walks in on Victoria and Ross making love and the story gets even more complicated.

The author did a great job in such few pages. She quickly pulled me into the story. I liked all the characters and their dialogue was natural sounding. The best thing about this story was Ms. Watterson's talent for description. I could 'see' what everyone looked like and the ranch the story takes place at.

This is a hot and sexy story and you feel Victoria's dilemma: she has two sexy men in love with her. Add the fact they're brothers and what's a girl to do? I kept wondering who she'd end up with and, as Ms. Watterson made them both sexy, I asked myself who I would choose if I were the heroine. The Ménage a Trois scenes are handled perfectly and this definitely wasn't one of those stories with just one sex scene after another and nothing else. Like most of the shorter stories I read, my only disappointment was that it could have been longer.

If you like a story with strong writing, great sex and not one but two sexy cowboys, don't miss Picture Perfect.

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