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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can’t Hurry Love by M. Jules Aedin

Can’t Hurry Love by M. Jules Aedin
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (80 pgs)
Other: M/M, Multiple Partners, Anal Play
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Wisteria

Vincent is one unlucky bunny. After an indiscreet rendezvous with a sexy satyr in the supply closet at work, he’s put on probation and temporarily reassigned from the Easter Bunny Department to the Cupid Department. As his penance he’s ordered to motivate one very sexy but surly cupid by the name of Charles Ross, who is effectively on strike.

Their first matchmaking assignment looks clear cut, an in-and-out (so to speak) task they can finish quickly so Vincent can prove he’s done his time and go back to stuffing Easter baskets. But when the plan goes wrong and Charlie ends up in a love coma, Vincent is put on trial for his slutty bunny ways! Now his only hope is for love to conquer all — including death — and come winging his way.

Vincent is such a great Easter bunny… great at seducing the other Mythical beings into doing naughty things. That is until he encounters a shy Cupid – Charlie - and all bets are off.

Vincent’s never been with a Cupid before, and he’s definitely up for the challenge with his cute tail and perky ears. Problem is - All of Vincent’s seduction efforts are being wasted on Charlie. Until, they are tasked to set up two humans that just can’t seem to get there on their own.

Charlie and Vincent have totally different ideas when it comes to setting up their charges. When scheming Vincent, although he means well, decides to ‘help’ their charges along, chaos and illegal activities ensue. Little does Vincent know his actions would lead to charges and big trouble for him!

The characters in this novel suffer from one major issue: lack of communication. Each of them are making assumptions about the other - sure Vincent has a bad rep for being the party Bunny, but Charlie has lost his knack (and love) of his job. The two of them seem to get their ‘mojo’ back through this pairing. Although both characters are written well, the story feels rushed through the back story and the relationship built between Vincent and Charlie.

The other downfall of this short story is it could’ve been made longer. The story begins like there is a previous novel that I hadn’t been privy to and there were many questions I had about the world these characters were living in. If it could’ve been a tad bit longer and gone a little more in depth, I would’ve enjoyed this story much more.

Can’t Hurry Love brings a new twist on every mythical creature I’ve grown up believing in. The interaction (and Vincent’s shameless flirting) is refreshing and downright comical in a story such as this one. I loved the dialogue and inner speak and the fact the love scenes were sweet, not tawdry.

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