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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dire Wolves: Whiteout by Shelby Morgen

Dire Wolves: Whiteout by Shelby Morgen
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (48 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

As soon as she sees her newest patient, veterinarian Suzanne Grier knows he's no normal wolf. Zan and her colleagues at Alaska's Wolf Sanctuary have always believed the Dire Wolves exist -- and they believe just as strongly in keeping their existence a secret. Zan's never fought so hard to save a wolf -- or a man. The doctor can treat the wounded body, but only the woman can heal his wounded heart.

It's been years since John's felt the touch of a woman's hand. Zan gives him a reason to want to live as a man again. But wolves mate for life. Before he can make that kind of promise, he's got unfinished business to take care of. A wolf defends what's his.

Wolf's got a silver bullet to return to its owner.

Shelby Morgen has created a world of marvelous characters and magnificent locations. The Alaska Wolf Sanctuary is such a great place to have a Dire Wolf story, and this is one very well developed story.

For five years, he has been Wolf, running in the wilderness to escape the pain of his woman being killed. Now, the hunters have caught up to him, and he is running for his life, with a silver bullet in his side.

When veterinarian Suzanne Grier rescues him from the storm, she knows he is no normal wolf, and is determined to save his life. She is still shocked to find a naked man in the sanctuary when she goes to check on her patient.

Can Suzanne and John build a life in the Alaskan wilds? Can John eliminate the threat to their happiness and have a future with the woman who saved both of his natures?

Suzanne is a strong woman, compassionate and caring when it comes to her patients. She is determined to protect the wolves, and that includes the big wounded one she finds during the whiteout. Once she knows what he is, she is also determined to keep his existence, and the existence of his kind, a secret from those who would harm him.

John is such a great character, and I loved how Ms. Morgen didn’t let him go from wolf to civilized man instantly, but made it a slow process. After all, he had been Wolf for five years, so it made sense that his people skills would be a bit rusty from lack of use.

The heat that builds between Suzanne and John is delicious to watch and when they finally get together, sparks fly. I also loved the ironic twists in this one, but I will let you discover those for yourself when you read this one. But I do recommend that you read this one in front of the fan, as it gets hot and delightful.

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