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Friday, September 24, 2010

Driftwood by Harper Fox

Driftwood by Harper Fox
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (133 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Rosemary

What the tide washes in, the past can sweep away.

All Dr. Tom Penrose wants is his old life back. He’s home in Cornwall after a hellish tour of duty in Afghanistan, but while the village is the same, he isn’t. His grip on his control is fragile, and it slips dangerously when Flynn Summers explodes into his life. The vision in tight neoprene nearly wipes them both out in a surfing mishap—and shatters Tom’s lonely peace.

Flynn is a crash-and-burn in progress, one of only two survivors of a devastating rescue helicopter crash that killed his crew. His carefree charm is merely a cover for the messed-up soul within. The sparks between him and Tom are the first light he’s seen in a long, dark tunnel of self-recrimination, which includes living in sexual thrall to fellow crash survivor and former co-pilot, Robert.

As their attraction burns through spring and into summer, Tom must confront not only his own shadows, but Flynn’s—before the past rises up to swallow his lover whole.

Amidst the wildly dramatic and beautiful cliffs of Cornwall, Tom and Flynn desperately try to put their anguished pasts behind them. Driftwood is a stunning second novel by up-and-coming author Harper Fox.

At their first meeting, Tom Penrose quickly recognizes a kindred spirit in Flynn Summers. Following three tours of duty in Afghanistan, Tom is fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Flynn is suffering tremendous guilt from the helicopter crash that killed his crew, and he is involved in an abusive relationship with fellow survivor, Robert Tremaine. As Tom slowly begins to reconnect with his life in Cornwall, he reaches out to help Flynn get free of Robert once and for all.

Driftwood is an engrossing character driven novel. It is perfectly balanced with enough action to keep it moving at a vigorous pace. The plot is sound with the exception of a few scenes that are a little over the top and slightly unbelievable. Ms. Fox is, without a doubt, absolutely masterful at character development. The emotional pain and suffering that Tom and Flynn are experiencing leap off the pages and drag the reader into their world. The sex scenes between Tom and Flynn are raw, passionate, and filled with deep emotion. Ms. Fox’s descriptions of Cornwall are so in depth that, in addition to being the location of the novel, it becomes a secondary character. Tom’s connection with his wolfhound, Belle, transcends the typical owner/pet bond, and it is easily the most endearing relationship in Driftwood.

Driftwood by Harper Fox is a must read. Ms. Fox has a fresh and unique writing style, and I cannot wait to read her next novel.

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