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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fae Me Not by Riley Ashford

Fae Me Not by Riley Ashford
Publisher: Changling Press LLC
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (21 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Snowdrop

Once upon a time...

A fairy prince lost his true love due to his own selfish mistake. Now, they're cursed to live apart... him in the world of humans and her in the fae realm. He remembers everything. She remembers nothing. One day every year they both must relive the most painful day of their lives. He's doomed to break her heart.

Only this time around, he's determined to write a new ending... one that will free them both.

If you were cursed to break your love's heart over and over would you? Could you live with the knowledge that they wouldn't remember you after you broke their trust?

The curse - “A day of love, a night of pain, and a year of waiting to do it all over again.”

It is an interesting trek through the thought process of a greedy man who sees that he has lost everything he ever wanted with one moment of bad judgment. We see Donovan aka Prince Selfish go through self-awareness and emotions he never knew existed, while trying to break the spell that keeps his true love from remembering him and the love they once shared. As he tries so many different ways to break the spell – hiding her somewhere secret, taking her to the human world – he keeps failing each time. It takes the comment of an outsider to spark an idea that he had not thought of. Following someone through the changes that Donovan goes through is an amazing experience – you see someone who realizes they need to put others first and follow the truth.

Fae Princess Neella is really more of secondary character as the novella is mostly about the hero and his struggle to make things right. We don't really find out all the much about her other than she is a faery princess, she is gorgeous and she is more understanding than her family. She was a good supporting character as she complimented Donovan's character well – in that he is about doing things for himself and she is about caring and loving others for who they are. Maybe she can teach him a thing or two in the end.

An interesting aspect of the story is, in the human world, where Donovan had been banished to, he became an author and he writes The Curse of the Fairy Princess. It's almost like Donovan believes that getting his story out there might help him redeem himself. I think this is a cute touch from the author, to make him a writer and to get input from his readers. I think the novella could have easily been made into a full length novel that I would love to read.

Riley Ashford has created a steamy, quick read that has a sweet breakup and makeup storyline where emotions run high and the pulse quickens.

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