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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friday I'm in Love by Mari Carr

Friday I’m In Love (Wild Irish Book Five) by Mari Carr
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (137 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Holly

Wild Irish, Book Five

Friday’s child is loving and giving…

Ewan Collins has had the hots for Natalie for years but she continually rebuffs him, supposedly because of their age difference. When Natalie comes to stay with the Collins family for a week, Ewan decides it’s time to make his move in a serious way.

Natalie’s been in a funk since celebrating another birthday alone. When Ewan proposes to help her “get a life”—seven lessons in seven days—she figures, what the hell does she have to lose? Ewan’s plans include tequila shots, fishing, karaoke…and other, more erotic hands-on demonstrations.

But Nat’s loneliness isn’t Ewan’s only obstacle. Tragedy in her past continually takes Natalie to a dark place her mind can’t easily overcome. With support, tenderness and love, Ewan plans to win over Natalie one lesson at a time.

Starting with lessons of the heart.

I fell in love with the Collins family in Mari Carr’s first book of this series, and each new book just draws me further into this marvelous world.

Seven whole days with the Collins family may turn out to be more than Natalie is up for. But a promise is a promise, and Nat is sure she can handle whatever happens. As a thirty-something successful professional photographer, she is confident and capable of taking care of herself. But when she agrees to let Ewan Collins give her “life lessons” has she signed up for more than she can handle?

Ewan has been in love with Nat for ten years, and he is not about to let a little thing like age stop him now. But can he convince Nat that age is just a number, and that they would be perfect for each other? Can Nat learn to look beyond the tragedy of her past to find happiness again?

These characters are real and passionate and full of life and love.

Natalie is such a fantastic character, with drive and determination to spare. I enjoyed watching her spar with Ewan as he tried to breach her defenses, giving as good as she got. Nat has so many layers to her, and I loved watching her slowly come to terms with her ghosts and her feelings.

Ewan is a delight. He is determined to prove to Nat that he is not a child, and that what he feels is very real. It doesn’t hurt that he is one very hunky Irish devil, and the lessons he comes up with to win Nat are fantastic and lots of fun.

You can feel the true affection in this family, and at times it brought tears to my eyes. I laughed at some of the antics, I cried at the honest emotions that Nat and Ewan expressed, and I didn’t want this story to end.

Do Nat and Ewan find their happy ever after? Only after lots of laughter and tears, but it is so worth the experience.

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