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Friday, September 24, 2010

Her Dream Lover by Kate Hofman

Her Dream Lover by Kate Hofman
Publisher: Romance at Heart Publications
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (396 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Fuschia

Angela Thorne is torn apart by conflict, and that is never good for a writer. In order to escape, she has recently moved to Ocean Breeze, Florida. She is hoping for respite from a viper-tongued mother who has no concept of what it means to mind her own business. At forty years of age, Angela feels she has a right to her own life, a right her mother refuses to allow her. Finally, moving to a new condo in Ocean Breeze seems like it might actually work until her ex-husband, Brandon Burke, shows up in town. The source of his information is clear. Her mother’s insistent calls prove he was prodded and encouraged by her, and that is something Angela won’t put up with anymore.

When Luke MacLean meets Angela Thorne, all bets are off. According to his best friend, Alex Tremayne, Angela has and is currently being stalked and harassed by her ex-husband. That sets Luke’s teeth on edge, and it is something he won’t stand for, because to him, Angela is a precious commodity as a friend, and he hopes as something much more. Luke finds her sexy, funny, shy, very attractive, and as much as he is loathe admitting, someone with whom he would very much like to start a real relationship. After the fiasco with a fiancĂ© who cheated on him and broke his heart, he has been skittish and uncertain where women are concerned, however, Angela is different. Somehow Luke senses she is special.

Things are not going well for Angela as her ex-husband stalks her, and mother harasses her because she won’t give her ex the time of day. Her sister Lisa and her lover Alex plan to be married, yet as things escalate in Ocean Breeze, Angela is backed into corner by Brandon. When Luke proposes marriage, Angela is worried she is trapping Luke, unable to believe he can really love and care for someone eleven years his senior. This, along with a brand new stalker, turns out to be a core problem with Angela. It is one she has a hard time shaking, even as she accepts his offer of marriage. Angela really has fallen in love with Luke, her stalwart protector.

Now the question is will Angela and Luke be able to survive the rest of the trials their new life together will pose? Both of them being writers can pose a whole new set of problems, but that is not where the danger lies. With friends like Lisa and Alex, Adam and Mimi Stewart, and others, Angela and Luke won’t have much of a chance to fall or be torn apart, or will they?

Manners that belong back in the time of knights, and men that cherish the special ladies in their lives abound in this book.

Kate Hofman managed to take everyday occurrences and make them lead to an extraordinary relationship. It almost had a fairytale quality if you don't count that it's a contemporary with only one minor hint of royalty. The other elements were all there. We start with Angela, whose life had not been a picnic, but who was strong enough to set herself toward a new beginning. Add new neighbors who turn out to be wonderful friends, a sister who brings her true love into the picture, two separate bad guys to add some drama and a hero with an almost unquenchable appetite for his woman. What you get out of all these fairytale elements is a story with plenty of ups and downs and an ending to satisfy the most romantic reader.

There were however a few drawbacks for me. The story seemed not to flow very easily and there was quite a bit of the dialogue that seemed stilted. This being said, I was still pulled back to the story because I was invested in the skillfully drawn characters and the desire to make sure they were going to be okay.

Her Dream Lover was a good story and I would recommend it to a reader looking for a very in depth romance.

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