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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In The Cards by C.D. Yates

In The Cards by C.D Yates
Publisher: Blade Publishing
Genre: Contemp
Length: Short Story
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Statice

Alex Demille writes historical fiction, not erotica. But now, her editor wants her to write a story about a cowboy and a bordello and gives Alex a “present” to aid her. Can she do it? Will Alex, a woman who writes sweets, be able to come up with enough erotic scenarios to write a best seller, the best seller her editor is hoping for?

Zach O’Conner is a cowboy cursed by his own looks. His best friend Alex, the one woman who doesn’t treat him like a piece of meat, has asked him to give a demonstration at the upcoming romance writers conference on what real cowboys do. Given the chance to be alone with Alex he accepts. He’s going to show Alex she’s not just the sexiest, most exciting woman he’s ever known, but the woman of his heart as well.

One cowboy. One writer. Silk scarves, sex cards, and a bathtub built for two. It’s all In The Cards.

Short, but oh so sweet and sexy, is the only way to describe this novella by C.D Yates. Ever had a best friend who you can get on well with, talk about anything with and yet there is just a teeny tiny fly in the ointment – you are attracted to that person and aren’t sure how to or even if you should try to take it beyond friendship? After all, there is so much to lose and so much to gain. I can’t say I have been in this position, but after having read In the Cards, if I ever were, this would be the ideal way to go to that next level, and I sure would hope that it would work out as well for me as it did for the characters Zach and Alexis.

Zach and Alexis have been friends for years. Zach is a teacher and Alexis is an author and if there is one thing that would describe Zach, it would be honey – he just attracts the females. Despite this fawning and obvious adoration from the opposite sex he has remained a down-to-earth person and a very good friend to his pal Alexis. But are they both prepared to take their friendship to the next level? Can they cope if their plan doesn’t work and their friendship suffers as a result?

Alexis is an author who has asked Zach to create a workshop for cowboy-romance writers. On top of that, she has been asked to write the first of the book publishers new line – a historotica and her editor gifted her with a deck of cards to help with the research. Zach is and always has been attracted to Alexis and it has only been her soon to be fiancĂ© that has kept him at a distance - as friends only.  Then, at the conference, where they share a room and he finds out that there is no more boyfriend, he offers to help Alexis with her research and the deck of cards is all he needs to take that extra step.  Really, Alexis is more than willing to take what the cards deal out – all in the name of research of course! What happens next is determined by the cards and by Alexis and Zach – it is certainly not all smooth sailing, but this was a great story that had me hooked from the first draw of the card to the last card that was dealt!

Despite the brevity of the story, it was very obvious that the characters and the situation had been thoughtfully developed and cleverly written. I felt for both characters – they both had some issues, Alexis perhaps more than Zack, but Zach sure was a great help with helping Alexis work through some of hers in really innovative and downright sexy ways. The use of the deck of cards as part of the story was a masterstroke on the part of the author, and it allowed the development of the relationship between Zach and Alexis. For a short read, this was definitely one of the most satisfying I have read in a long time – great work C.D. Yates! Let’s hope that there are more and that they get longer!

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