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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Bites by Margie Church

Love Bites by Margie Church
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (200 pgs)
Other: M/F, Light Bondage
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

An accidental encounter turns into high stakes love when Jui Fabrice meets Wade Kairos in Germany. She has no idea he’s a vampire and Wade has every intention of keeping his secret.

A vineyard cottage is the perfect place for Jui and Wade to make love until he discovers her unique link to his living years. He vows to stay away from her forever, but he can’t let her go completely. Wade’s repressed human feelings continue rising. He invades Jui’s dreams and communicates telepathically with her at will. Evil jealousy consumes him when Jui becomes involved with Rob Hawthorne and she rebukes Wade for his controlling behaviors.

Then Wade’s lifelong companion dies in a vamp war and his desolation is too much to
handle alone. He turns to the only person who cares about him—Jui—and for one hot night, he becomes the man she’s wanted all along.

The Ancient One, Ladislav Husek, learns of Wade’s risky human behavior and gives Wade a taste of how viciously he’ll die if he doesn’t bury his tracks with Jui. Husek promises to turn Jui into his personal playmate and Wade has to choose. Can love prevail over evil in a relationship that never was supposed to happen?

Wanting something doesn’t mean you should get it. When Jui Fabrice meets Wade Kairos while on a business trip to Germany, there is an instant attraction between them, one Jui wants to follow up on.

Every time they are together, Wade wants to forget the danger Jui represents to him and his kind. Wade is a vampire, and Jui is actually the granddaughter of his former fiancée, whose family believes him to be dead. When Wade is warned to either turn Jui or forget her, he struggles with the decision.

Jui becomes confused, and turns to Rob, a co-worker, for romance and passion. But neither can forget the depth of feeling between them. Can these two find a way to overcome the barriers and find happiness in each other’s arms? Or will their love doom them both?

Ms. Church has written an interesting new angle on the vampire story, one where vampires are punished for having humanity and feelings. In this world, humans don’t realize vampires are among us, and those who endanger this secret by acting too “human” are destroyed. I love the characters in this story, and how they manage to grow and evolve.

Jui comes off as very shallow at first, but you soon realize that there is much more to her than meets the eye. She is honest, and becomes confused when she believes Wade is just another playboy type, especially after she indicates, on several occasions, that she is ready to be in a relationship with him. Her confusion continues to grow, and the unfortunate recipient of her attentions gets hurt in the process. When she discovers that Rob wants her more than she wants him, she breaks it off, and it is the only ugly scene in the book.

Wade is the most delicious vampire, but so very conflicted. I really enjoyed watching him try to find a way to have Jui and not turn her. He is so strong, and his determination to keep away from her is admirable. I love the temptation theme throughout this story, and how both of the characters deal with it. There are several very surprising twists in this one, and one was something I did not see coming, but when it did, I loved it. The trials that these two endured for their love made the happy ever after all the sweeter. This is a marvelous love story, with some unique twists to a wonderful story.


Margie Church said...

Holly, thank you very much for another wonderful review! Love Bites is a complex story, no doubt, and I'm glad its unique qualities appealed to you.


katsrus said...

Congrats on the great review. Going to be adding this book to my reading.
Sue B

Margie Church said...

Thank you Katsrus. I hope you'll come back and tell me what you thought!