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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Avenging Angel by Madelyn Ford

My Avenging Angel by Madelyn Ford
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (69 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Review by Sweet Pea

To save her life, he must break a covenant—and lose his heart.

An Angels and Demons story.

It’s Victoria Bloom’s twenty-fifth birthday. But is she out celebrating? Oh, no. She’s in a stuffy old attic with the Three Stooges—a.k.a. her so-called spirit guides. There’s a demon who wants her dead, the same one that killed her mother two decades ago. No worries, say the Stooges. All she has to do is summon an angel. What could go wrong?

Well, plenty when you summon the wrong angel. The next thing Tory knows, she’s got one very bad-ass, pissed-off and sexy Archangel on her hands.

Michael, mighty warrior, leader of an elite team of demon killers, is shaking in his heavenly combat boots. Not because he finds all humans distasteful. But because he’d rather face Lucifer himself than the woman his soul has just recognized as his mate. Binding himself to a mortal, one who will eventually die, is the one path he’s sworn never to follow.

It’s too late now; his fate is sealed. With one touch, she becomes as necessary to him as the air he breathes. He will move heaven and earth to protect her—but against a demon as powerful as Asmodeus, heaven and earth may not be enough…

Angels were never so deliciously naughty! On the brink of Victoria Blooms' twenty-fifth birthday she was being hunted by a demon, but her three wise spirit guides gave her the option to live. In order to do so she must summon an angel to act as her protector. What she didn’t expect was getting an angel that was a despised being in the human world and was hell bent on staying in the heavens as much as possible.

Michael is above all things an archangel, staying in the heavens was what he most wanted to do. Then things changed as he is summoned to earth by a mouthy woman, who just happens to be his mate. Mortals die and he was not too thrilled to be bound to one, but he will do anything to keep this creature alive and well. And that includes killing a demon threatening her life.

Michael is one hell of an angel and he clearly loves Tory. Tory is a great heroine in that she doesn’t back down from the angel even in the beginning when he clearly terrifies her. And “The Three Stooges” are hilarious. They made me chuckle how they always get in the last word no matter how hard Tory tries otherwise. And the secondary angels are as drool worthy as the main character himself.

This book has an excellent spin on angels and I love it. Not only are they cocky and foul-mouthed, but they are also lovable and believable. I love how Ms. Ford made the angel far from perfect and more human. Makes them way more easy to believe in. I am all together really happy with this book. I find myself wanting way more. I am hoping at least two! I want Gabriel and Zadkeil stories and maybe more. This is my first book from Madelyn Ford but definitely not my last.

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