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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prince of Dragons by Cathryn Cade

Prince of Dragons (Orion 3) by Cathryn Cade
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (147 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

His beast will have her beauty—but only on his terms.

Orion, Book 3

Sirena Blaze has left a string of smiling males across the galaxy—but she’s not smiling now. After two attempts to sabotage her ship, it’s time to call for backup. Her warriors deserve the best, and that means recruiting a member of the elite Serpentian guard as co-commander.

One look at Slyde Stone, and Sirena’s smile returns. She sets out to indulge in the sensual delights for which his people are legendary.

Slyde would like nothing more than to bed the famous beauty, but a secret binds the hands that burn to take her. He is a half-dragon shifter, a race thought to be nothing more than a myth. He’s real, and so is the code he must live by—he can mate only once.

Sirena’s fury at Slyde’s refusal knows no bounds—until saboteurs loose a pair of deadly serpents on board the Orion. And the infuriating man has the gall to make a wager. If she finds them first, she can have him. But if he wins, she must agree to be his alone—for life.

I love the characters that Cathryn Cade has created, as well as her marvelous galaxy of unique and unusual beings.

The Orion seems to be cursed. After episodes of sabotage on the first two voyages, steps are taken to ensure that the third trip goes without incident. Any trouble could ruin Lodestar, the line that owns and operates the premier ship in the galaxy.

After two sabotage attempts, Commander Sirena Blaze decides to call in back up, and that means recruiting a member of the elite Serpentian guard as co-commander. One look at her co-commander, Slyde Stone, and she decides that she is really going to enjoy serving with him, in more ways that on duty. What she doesn’t know is that Slyde is a member of a race thought to be only myth, a race whose males mate only once and for life.

Can the half-dragon shifter win the heart of his co-commander, or will he be destined to be alone for life? Can Sirena get over her fear of being left behind by someone she loves, and accept what Slyde offers? Can these two find a way to overcome their differences and be together, and save the ship and crew as well?

I loved Sirena, with her brash attitudes and take no prisoners love life. There is such a wonderful role reversal, with Sirena the voracious lover, and Slyde the untouched virgin. I enjoyed the battle of wills between these two strong characters, Sirena determined to bed Slyde, and him just as determined to be her final lover for life.

I also loved that in spite of the heat between them, they could set it aside enough to find the danger threatening the ship, and protect almost everyone from the insidious evil tracking them.

Do they solve the mystery of who is behind it all? More important, do Sirena and Slyde get the happy ever after they deserve? You will just have to read Prince of Dragons to find out.

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