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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Resistance by L.M. Turner

Resistance by L.M. Turner
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (150 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

Ryan's relationship-phobic, preferring to live his life from one anonymous hook-up to the next. He never remembers a name, and he never goes back for more. But then he meets Jayden, the one-off who won't get out of his head, his life -- or, indeed, his bed. Ryan remains in a denial, however; he has no place in his life for emotion or feelings, despite how much difficulty he finds in keeping away from the gorgeous, confident Jayden.

It's not until Jayden gets a boyfriend, bringing their non-relationship to a sudden end, that Ryan thinks he might have been feeling something all along. Feeling a lot, actually, but it's too late. Jayden's happy with his new man, and Ryan shouldn't want to get in the way of that -- but he's selfish, and he's had an epiphany, and maybe the only way to get Jayden back is to reveal more of himself than he knows how to handle. But is it enough for Jayden to take a risk on a man who, by his own admission, has no idea how to love?

When a commitment-phobic Ryan meets Jayden, all of Ryan’s rules are about to be broken. Jayden may be the perfect man. The sex is hot and mind blowing, he’s caring, funny, and Ryan can’t forget him. Yet Ryan isn’t about to break his rules on relationships even for Jayden. Jayden begins a campaign to surprise and delight Ryan, but Ryan’s issues may be too much even for Jayden’s patience.

Resistance is a wonderfully funny and engaging story about a man afraid of commitment but falls in love almost despite himself. The story is about Ryan and his issues as he works through some very real childhood trauma and tries to figure out if he’s really ready for a relationship with Jayden. Ryan is by turns incredibly frustrating and endearing as he struggles with his issues. He’s totally and completely terrified of falling in love and tries to push Jayden away on several occasions. Yet the sex is mind blowing and the best Ryan’s had so he can’t quite just say no to Jayden. When Jayden finally has enough of Ryan’s fears, Ryan realizes he needs to make some changes.

The back and forth between the main characters is engrossing but what makes the story truly entertaining are the dynamics between the entire cast. There are Ryan’s two best friends that add a wealth of great dialogue and dynamics to the mix. Olivia offers Ryan a sympathetic shoulder but she’s unfailingly honest with him as well. She calls him on his issues and doesn’t let him hide in his fear. She’s not mean and cruel but gradually helps him break out of his rut with Jayden’s help. This makes for a very enjoyable story to read, as I felt for Ryan and his fears, but was glad several of his friends, and Jayden especially, didn’t just excuse the behavior and ignore it. Thus Ryan has a real opportunity to mature and grow beyond his issues into a caring and dedicated half of a partnership.

Not to mention, there are some incredibly steamy and delicious sex scenes included. Jayden and Ryan have explosive and delightful chemistry, which the story is not shy about exposing. Thankfully, the sex scenes help offset the considerable angst Ryan experiences and makes for a smooth, easy story. The only slight issue may be that the story is written in present tense, which not all readers like so be warned if this is something you’d rather avoid. I hope not though, since the story is completely engaging and incredibly romantic (and very hot!). I’d easily recommend this.

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