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Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday Night Special by Mari Carr

Saturday Night Special (Wild Irish Book Six)by Mari Carr
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (111 pgs)
Other: M/F, Light BDSM, Spanking, Anal Play
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Holly

Saturday’s child works hard for a living…

What do you get when you cross a gold-digging stripper, a down-on-her-luck hooker, an estranged husband, his knocked-up wife, a Wayne Newton lookalike taxi driver and one beleaguered Baltimore cop?

A typical night in the life of Riley Collins—Vegas style.

Riley’s always been the wildest of the Collins clan, but even she bites off more than she can chew during an impromptu trip to Sin City. Once again, it’s Aaron Young to the rescue. No surprise; Aaron’s been watching Riley’s ass forever—and he’s wanted to spank it for even longer. Tracking her down, Aaron finally gets his wish—after he drags a drunken Riley to a chapel and makes it legit, of course.

To say she’s shocked is putting it mildly. But Riley warms to Aaron’s seduction quicker than you can say “all-you-can-eat buffet!” Who knew her mild-mannered best friend was so hot in the sack? Of course, thanks to Riley’s penchant for picking up strays, the newlyweds will have to sneak in some honeymoon boom-boom whenever they can. But they’ll manage…

Las Vegas: Sin City: Home of a thousand dreams, and sometimes one comes true.

Riley Collins is the youngest of the Collins children, nicknamed Wild Child by her siblings and close friends. Not surprising that she took a spur of the moment trip with Trevor Blankenship when his wife threw him out. Just as predictable is the family sending Riley’s best friend of twenty odd years after her to watch out for her and bring her home.

Aaron Young has been friends with the fiery and impetuous Riley for so long, he doesn’t remember what it was like not to be around her. Finding her in the casino, less than sober, Aaron takes full advantage of her condition and the city’s reputation and marries her.

When Riley wakes up, or rather sobers up, what will happen to the friendship between them? Can Aaron convince Riley to take this chance at happiness and love? And can he manage to keep her out of trouble, when it erupts around her at every turn?

I didn’t think the Wild Irish series could any better. Then Mari Carr gives us Riley’s story, and pushes the excellence up to another level altogether. I love the Collins family, in all their crazy and loving glory. Ms. Carr’s characters are gloriously real and I want to visit with them every chance I get. Riley has watched most of her siblings find happiness and love, and deep down inside, she wants that too. She just doesn’t realize it yet. I love Riley’s zest for living life to the absolute fullest she can, and how she knows no strangers.

She knows the one thing in her life that never changes is steady, dependable, slightly boring, Aaron Young, her very best friend for twenty years. I adored the hidden side of Aaron, the side Riley never knew was there. I enjoyed watching Riley discover the many layers of Aaron’s personality, and the slow realization that there was truly a strong, sexy man hidden inside her friend.

The misadventures of Riley and Aaron in Las Vegas are hilarious, and the supporting characters in this book are absolutely superb. The stripper, Bella, the hooker, Bubbles and the Wayne Newton look-alike cabbie are all well detailed and priceless and so fun. I giggled most of the way through this book, when I wasn’t fanning myself. And yes, there is a marvelous amount of hot and sweaty sex in this one, and very imaginative scenes as well.

After reading this book, and those before it, I am ready to declare Mari Carr as Queen of the Hot and Sexy Romantic Comedy genre. I wholeheartedly recommend the Wild Irish series in its entirety, and Saturday Night Special is the best yet.

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Kathrin said...

You're so spot-on with your review, Holly - including the giggling and fanning part :-) It is the best book yet in this absolutely wonderful series, I'm already saddened by knowing there's only one more to come.