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Friday, September 10, 2010

Screw Superman by Rebecca Royce

Screw Superman by Rebecca Royce
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (127 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Wendy Warner is a bit of an oddball. Raised in an orphanage, she has found solace and friendship by watching the television show, Space Adventures, and participating in fan clubs related to the show. Every month, on the second and third Friday, Wendy comes to work dressed in a costume from the show that she wears to charity events. This has earned her the disdain of many of her coworkers but not from her boss, the president of the company, Draco Powers, who rather likes the way the uniform hugs all her curves in the just the right places.

Draco Powers is a real-life Superhero who told the world that, yes, Superheroes do exist, but, no, we won't work for free or without health insurance. Some people refer to him with derision as the "Capitalist Superman." Draco is being hunted by an organization called the Organization, whose motives are unclear and yet still cause death and destruction wherever they go.

The Organization has decided that Draco's biggest weakness is the way he cares about his employees and has picked Wendy out as their next target. To save her, Draco will have to come to terms with his real feelings for Wendy and why it is that he has so long resisted complicated relationships. But he's running out of time . . . .

A man who can fly and the woman who loves him battle an evil foe whose idea of living in peace is as virulent as any dictator’s.

Wendy is the heroine in the truest sense of the word. She saves the day, not in the world sense, but in her man’s. She is a capable and dedicated woman who takes pride in her work and has a type A personality. She is many things but one thing she is not is confident in her own appearance. Yet that doesn’t stop her from wearing a special outfit because she does it for the greater good. She’s got a lot of heart, compassion and determination and that holds her in good stead when she gets faced with the unthinkable. Wendy is also a geek, and a loveable one at that. She’s also pretty funny, even when she doesn’t intend to be. I loved it when she jumped to conclusions at one point. It made for some hysterical reactions from the person they were about. Total entertainment and it endeared her character to me.

Draco is sort of like Superman but with a 9 to 5 job just like everyone else. Okay, not like everyone else, because he’s got this gig where he fights crime all over and he flies to get there. His character certainly is unique, and I really enjoyed Ms. Royce’s depiction of a man who really is just a man but no one sees him as he wants to be seen. You know, like a regular guy? The thing is, I think for a time Draco bought into the whole thing and although he’s this hero with special powers he doesn’t believe in himself - that he doesn’t deserve what everyone else does because he has to carry the weight of the world. Sounds like a major chip on his shoulder doesn’t it? And unreasonable. That is why Wendy is so good for him - she doesn’t buy into his own media hype. There’s some good inner conflict and even some secrets that dog Draco. I also enjoyed finding out exactly how amazing a personality he actually ends up being. The author brought more depth to him than I expected.

Secondary characters are important in this story. Some are for comic relief and some are for truly dastardly machinations but all of them were written to perfection. There is nasty office politics, a sweet friend who wished he was more, Draco’s endearing and totally hot brother, Ace, and the really cool science fiction element that made this book so fun to read. It was like King Kong meets Mr. Roboto on an episode of Star Trek. What a great scene that was!

There were other cool elements I liked about this story; like how the witches at the office get theirs, that I had no idea who the bad guy was and I enjoyed being surprised, and I liked the humor and the brisk and witty dialogue. This ended up being a quick read because I couldn’t put it down and I laughed out loud many times throughout.

Screw Superman is a book as delightful as its clever title. I absolutely recommend this story to readers who like laugher with their adventure and sighs and heated cheeks during the steamy parts of the romance. I think this story isn’t written as hot as it might have been but that made it perfect for me. I adore a book that can make me giggle and snort in the middle of the night. Yes, I stayed up late reading this story until I finished it. I enjoyed myself that much and I expect other readers will too. Even the happily ever after wrapped up on a positive and upbeat note. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a story to uplift their mood and turn their frown upside round. Screw Superman is the most fun (funnest) romance I’ve read in a long while and I can’t wait to read more by the talented Ms. Royce.

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