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Thursday, October 7, 2010

As My Warrior Commands by Gwen Campbell

As My Warrior Commands by Gwen Campbell
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (85 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

When a kingdom crashes down around her, will his love be enough to save her?
Sibyls are old crones. Everybody knows that. So what's a warrior supposed to think when a beautiful young woman turns up in the middle of a siege, says she's a sibyl, predicts the downfall of a kingdom and tells him he's going there with her to prevent it? He does what any hot-blooded warrior would do. He follows the woman. She's intelligent, brave, can see the future, has an ass he can't stop staring at and she knows how to make him laugh. What he doesn't know is that the sibyls have predicted the downfall of the Kingdom of Jareb-Phar if a young sibyl enters their throne room. What they don't know is if her arrival will be coincidental or cause the kingdom's fall. The only thing the warrior does know for sure is that beneath his beautiful, young sibyl's discipline is a woman as lusty and wanton as he is.

I had a rollicking good time reading about a world where the women are respected as warriors as are the men and how one woman one-upped the head commanding warrior with delicious results.

Jessica is a descendent of Earth travelers who ended up on a planet and evolved after three hundred years as a race to be respected and revered. The reason why I mention this is for the purpose of the dialogue. It explains why some of the speech patterns are close to 21st Century vernacular and the author did an awesome job in my opinion of making it work. I really enjoyed which words or phrases the descendants kept from the old language and it was realistically explained. I smiled every once in awhile when they were used during the action.

The heroine is on a quest to prove herself as all good Sibyl do. I found her spunky and smart and delightfully cheeky. In fact, the scene with Thain and the rope had me giggling and smiling throughout. It was a very clever presentation by the author because she used it to illustrate how ingenious Jessica was as a character. Despite her being out of her element, I felt pretty confident that she chose the right moment in time to start her quest and the right person with which to get the job done.

The right person ends up being Thain. I enjoyed the part when Thain first met Jessica. That whole descriptive scene totally entertained me and I chuckled in glee. Here was this big, brawny and in-charge man and this little female ended up rocking his world. I also appreciated how Ms. Campbell has a slow buildup of trust between the hero and heroine. He’s a man in control and it’s tested and prodded until he can’t take anymore and when he breaks, a reader is in for a treat. Thain sure knows how to please a woman and I certainly liked what I read.

The conflict is prompted by external factors but it is Jessica and Thain’s light internal angst and relationship conflict that gets them ready to face the big bad dude. The villain is pompous and totally clueless which made his character believable as a person who gets what he deserves. The fruition of the prophesy was done on a grand and noble scale. Once again I found myself swept away by a descriptive scene that reminded me of ancient Rome. Very cool.

The only secondary character of note is Jessica’s sister. I met her in the beginning and I initially thought the book was to be about her. I think that was a tease. And I’m hooked because of Jessica’s last comment. I like that familial loyalty and I suspect that there’s another book coming about her sister, which I will absolutely be thrilled to read. I enjoyed the world building that Ms. Campbell did for this story and look forward to visiting again.

As My Warrior Commands is an engaging and sometimes humorous romance between two people who know how to set the pages on fire. The pace is brisk and the dialogue witty and crisp. I can’t imagine anyone not having a good time reading this book because the characters have a way of drawing a reader in and making time fly. It has a romantic happily ever after that satisfied me on all levels and even then, Thain made me smile. I am really happy I read this book and would recommend it to my friends.


Gwen Campbell said...

Thank you Xeranthemum for the very kind review. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book! Yes there is a sequel, Where My Warrior Leads, featuring Jessica's sister. It's available at Shadowfire Press.

M Barnette said...

Thank you for the wonderful review and for the support you offer to both new and established authors and publishers. Your work is deeply appreciated.