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Friday, October 1, 2010

Darkest Desires by S.K. Yule

Darkest Desires (Darkest Book II) by S.K. Yule
Publisher: Amira Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (107 pgs)
Other: m/f
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Avril Taylor is fed up with chauvinistic men breaking her heart. So what is she to do when she finds herself undeniably attracted to her womanizing, vampire brother-in-law?

Aiston Aleksandrov has never met a woman he wanted to share anything more with than a hot night of sex . . . until Avril. The problem? How can he convince her that he will be faithful to only her?

Can Avril put past hurts behind her and finally find true love with a vampire playboy? Can Aiston really commit to one woman after almost seven hundred years of playing the field?

Just when Avril Taylor gave up looking for love, it seems love has found her.

Avril’s best friend, Ebony, has just married the man of her dreams, Ashe Aleksandrov. Though Avril has had terrible luck in love, she is genuinely happy for Ebony, and believes that Ashe is a good man. She can’t say the same of Ashe’s brother, Aiston. From the moment she laid eyes on him, Avril knows Aiston is a womanizer and she wants nothing to do with him. However, she can’t deny the powerful attraction she feels for him.

Aiston is puzzled and intrigued by Avril. She’s undeniably beautiful, but terribly stubborn and opinionated. He knows his history with woman isn’t great, but can’t figure out what he’s done to offend Avril. He tries to put her out of his mind, but finds it impossible.

Even though they try to stay away from each other, Avril and Aiston find themselves spending more time together. Aiston and his brothers have become concerned with the increased activity of shadow drifters, which are evil vampires. Ashe insists that Avril will be a target because of her connection to the Aleksandrov family. Aiston soon finds himself assigned to protecting her. As they spend more time together, the harder it becomes to resist their mutual attraction. Is it simply lust, or something deeper?

Avril is a strong and independent heroine. She cares deeply for her friends and family and knows that she doesn’t need a man to complete her life, but she can’t deny her attraction to Aiston. She believes he’s exactly the type of man that she’s sworn to avoid. Avril can’t bear to have her heart broken again. She knows she’d never recover if Aiston hurt her. Will she close her heart off or open it to the possibility of love? Though Avril appears to have a thick skin, I liked that she also had a softer side. This was revealed in the loving way she plays with Marcus, Ebony’s baby.

Aiston is a typical playboy. Avril is the first woman he’s ever wanted to pursue a relationship with. However, since he’s never even come close to having a long term relationship, he isn’t sure exactly what to do. Aiston’s frustration is palpable as he tries to prove himself to Avril. He makes plenty of mistakes along the way, but it was a pleasure watching this bad boy reform.

In the first book in the series, it was hinted that a problem with the shadow drifters was growing. That issue carries over into this book and becomes a much bigger problem for Aiston and his family. Ms. Yule did an excellent job of revealing enough information about the shadow drifters to peak my interest and make me hungry for more.

I enjoyed reading Darkest Desires. Since it is the second book in the series, it would be helpful to read the first book before reading this one, but it isn’t necessary. Ms. Yule makes everything clear enough that this book can be read on its own. Anyone who loves a satisfying romance filled with sexual tension will want to pick up a copy.

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