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Monday, October 18, 2010

Forbidden Love: Bad Boys Issue One Anthology

Forbidden Love: Bad Boys Issue One by Brenna Lyons, CJ England, Ally Blue, Sapphire Phelan, Astride Cooper, Brenda Williamson, Phylis Sullivan, Terri Pray, Rian Monaire
Publisher: Under the Moon
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (160 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/M, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Voyeurism
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

December 2006 from Under the Moon a new line of dark romance fiction journals prepared to delight and tease your senses.Forbidden Love stands ready to bring you Bad Boys, Wicked Women, Assassins, Rogues, Bounty Hunters, Pirates, Wizard, Vampires and more. Are you ready to walk with werewolves? To dance with Vampires? Willing to face the wrath of your family and the scandal of your peers for one night with a Gladiator? Are you prepared to risk all in the name of glamour, power and perhaps even love?

The men in this anthology are definitely bad boys who need to be sent to my room. Maybe then I can give them the spanking they need plus a few other things I have in mind.

I have said it before with other anthologies, but I find anthologies to be a nice chance to get to know some authors you may not necessarily have read before. Since I love the paranormal erotica genre this was perfect for me. Each of these stories has a paranormal element to them as well as a deliciously naughty man. "Boy" just doesn’t seem appropriate since these guys are all man.

Playing Games by Brenna Lyons

Although the characters in this story are intriguing, the plot was a little confusing and incomplete. I really liked Polero’s brother, Jorg (the antagonist). I was sad I didn’t get to see more of him. He was everything a girl wants to see in a vampire: sexy, mysterious and dangerous. What confused me were first Polero and Jorg’s relationship/conflict and who is Lord Jager? One conflict that is not concluded is the one between the police and Jorg, which is evident since the police never found Jorg to either stop him from kidnapping other women or bring him to justice for what he did to Denise. While some conflicts had no conclusion others still remained a mystery leaving me puzzled. I really don’t have a definite answer about what happened between Denise and her boss Adam, whom I felt made a great couple, since she stopped having sex with him once she remembered more about her sexual encounter with Jorg. Let’s just hope that Denise and Adam had a happy ending. I will say - Jorg's sexy self can use me in his games any day.

An Unholy Embrace by CJ England

The plot of this story was interesting and unique. Teran was running away from humans attempting to rape her right into the arms of another monster. This one was a vampire who also wanted her blood and virginity; except he offered her pleasure in exchange. Now Teran just has to be smart enough to accept that pleasure. There are a few spacing issues within the story, that I found a bit distracting. Although not a story problem, the cover photo seems to appear in front of almost every chapter. With that said, the story itself was excellent and should have been the one to start this anthology.

In The Black by Ally Blue

Sold out by their boss Colt and Taz had no other choice than to run for their lives. With violence all around them, and imminent death around the corner, they did the only thing they could do - Make love one last time. Two hot, sexy men going at it... well what is there not to like? Willing to do anything for one another - even die - they decided they would fight for each other and accept nothing less. I know: how sweet right? I think the dedication to each other is a remarkable and endearing quality. Although the relationship in this story was obvious, the story really focused more attention on their escape, but the fact that they would not leave one another proved how deeply they really cared. This story would be great for someone who loves action packed romance with life threatening altercations.

Soul Seduction by Sapphire Phelan

First we had vampires, then futuristic heroes and now fey. Bran had been caught sleeping with the Sidhe Queen’s daughter - his punishment: eternity next to a park in the mortal world. Then he meets Alicia, a sweet, innocent, mortal whom he had every intention of corrupting. I couldn’t help but see Bran’s hatred for the human world as comical, in the beginning. It lightened my spirit and allowed me to just sit back and enjoy the story, which was exactly what I did.

Master of the Night by Astride Cooper

This story was filled with mystery and eroticism. Faucon is definitely the correct name for this main character with his falcon-like characteristics. I think that, although a short story, the author really thought out what she wanted her audience to see and insured she delivered it. I absolutely got it and enjoyed it. His hunt was arousing and I just wish I could one day be his prey.

Night Wolfing by Brenda Williamson

So far this has been my favorite story of this anthology. From beginning to end the author dragged me into this story and kept my attention. I also liked the fact that this was not your traditional werewolf story. The twist at the end was just icing on the cake as far as I am concerned. Although the sex between Etta and Dimitri is a bit bloody it is still totally hot.

Before Dawn by Terri Pray

This story left me a bit puzzled in the end. Who was Atia and what had she done to Turos that was so bad? Also what became of Turos and Juliana’s relationship? I would have liked to see a little more relationship development. The little bit of a plot this story did contain left me feeling incomplete.

Between Two Thieves by Rian Monaire

That was definitely an interesting story. A contract killer who thought he was on top of the world, except Reven could not get his last job out of his head. Reven hoped a vacation and a sexy woman would be enough to distract him. The only problem was Kitty, his new conquest, looked strangely like the woman whom he just murdered. My opinion? Kitty got the perfect revenge.

Eternity by Terri Pray

This was definitely an interesting end to this anthology. It was the internal dialogue of an unknown ghost who refused to give up his woman whom is still alive. I would like to call her his love, but I am not really sure if that would be the proper emotion. Whatever the emotions might be he is willing to wait for them to be together again.

One thing I do want to say in regards to this book, which is not a reflection on the authors, but there were too many promotions throughout the book. You have them in the beginning of the book, between almost every short story then again at the end. In my opinion, it took away from the author’s hard work within this anthology since it was so overbearing.

These stories definitely keep to the theme of Bad boys. I have read many anthologies and I have always enjoyed the ones that have a clear and coherent theme a little more than those that don't. It allows you to know what to expect from the authors and not get blindsided by a story you may not necessarily be interested in. So take a look you may find the bad boy of your dreams. There is definitely a variety of flavors in bad boys whether you like the dark, devious or just plan scary. With their own unique plot and bad boy(s) most or all of these stories will leave you wanting more

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