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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Four Sworn by Delilah Devlin

Four Sworn by Delilah Devlin
Publisher: Samhaim Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (50 pgs)
Other: M/F/M/M, Anal Play, spanking, bdsm, menage
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

There’s a wild child trapped inside her, and they’re hell-bent on unleashing it…

Lone Star Lovers, Book 3

As the pretty daughter of the town whore, Shanna Davies has always tried hard to toe the line. But she just can’t help it. Her boyfriend, Bo Crenshaw, has lured her untamed spirit out to play once too often. It’s time to get the hell out of Dodge and make a new start where no one knows her past. After she fulfills one last, wicked fantasy.

Shanna is Bo’s first everything. First kiss, first sexual playmate, first love. Yet he’s never managed to convince her that he accepts her—good girl and bad—just as she is. So, she wants a memorable send off? No problem. He’ll give her one that’ll make her think twice about leaving.

On the appointed night, Shanna expects nerves. Yet once she crosses the threshold, the prospect of surrendering to a night of unrestrained passion with Bo and the three Kinzie brothers makes her mouth water—and her courage dry up.

But she asked for it, and now she’s not about to blink first in this game of sexual chicken…

There is the old adage to be careful what you wish for because you may surely get it. There is also the old train of thought that you will surely find your heart’s desire right in your own backyard. Take both those thoughts, combine them and you come up with Delilah Delvin’s Four Sworn.

Shanna is a girl that just can’t wait to blow the town she grew up in and begin again in a new town. Bo is her best friend with benefits and the one person who believes she is not her mother’s daughter; her mother being a woman who never met a man she didn’t like.

During one night of passion Shanna divulges her greatest fantasy, a night of fun which would include more than one man. Bo, being the true friend that he is, as well as completely and totally in love with her, arranges to make her fantasy come true.

Enter the Kinzie men, three brothers who believe in the adage “share and share alike”. They are out there looking for their one true love that will be able to love all of them and let all of them love her exclusively.

Blend all this together and what you get is explosive, emotional and endearing, something Delilah Devlin does better than anyone. This is hot, sexy fun and a heartwrenching trip through what one woman believes will bring her great fulfillment but what ends up openning all their eyes to what is real and what is not; what matters and what doesn’t. This is book three of the Lone Star Lover series and leaves you waiting for the next installment. Be aware that this is a short story and not a full novel but it is a fun romp through fantasyland. It does leave me with one question, who do you know that you would divulge your inner most fantasy to and would you really want it to come true???

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