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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Begins with a Rogue’s Bite by Jessica Frost

It Begins with a Rogue’s Bite by Jessica Frost
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (151 pgs)
Other: M/F/M, Ménage, Spanking, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

All Cheryl Brete wanted was to forget about her cheating ex-boyfriend and enjoy a night with friends. When her car breaks down on an isolated road and a beast chases her into the woods, her worst fears come to life.

Shane and Thomas Bicks had a vision of a gorgeous woman being attacked by a Rogue werewolf. They set out to find and save her by bringing her to the Haven after she’s bitten. Just when they’re about to leave, the doctor tells them they must stay and help her through the werewolf transition both physically and sexually. They agree whole-heartedly, but after they see how emotionally vulnerable she is because of an abusive ex-boyfriend, they question their decision and the deep-set feelings they’re beginning to have for her.

Soon emotions for these three become a whirlwind of lust and love. What they don’t know is the Rogue who bit Cheryl is coming back to finish the job he started, which was to kill her.

A romance with psychic werewolves is a unique and entertaining idea that makes this story worth investigating.

Shane and Thomas are twins who have a unique gift but it only seems to manifest when something of a great and far reaching effect is about to happen. Because they were right when it counted most, their latest vision is taken seriously but this time, they are given the task of seeing it through. Right away I got the impression that they are young men, relatively speaking, and they’re not spotlight seekers but are content to remain in the background and follow their business instincts instead of their wolf instincts. The two brothers get along very well and are very much two peas in a pod. I bet that Shane is the older one by minutes because he has a slightly more dominant personality. He’s also the one with the most emotional depth. He’s suffered a broken heart before so his character is a bit more fleshed out. Thomas is the quieter one but he also knows his own mind and isn’t afraid to take a leap of faith when it's asked of him. They are a good balance in personalities. But when they are both in wolf form, they are formidable.

Cheryl is the hapless human who narrowly escapes with her life from a demented werewolf. She too is recovering emotionally but hers is from an abusive relationship. Now she has to add a life and body changing event to her plate and I think her cup runneth over. For being so traumatized I think Cheryl handled the news extremely well. It might have had something to do with her going into heat but the author actually had Shane and Thomas giving her the space she needed and the information she should have so she could make her own choice. I think that made it more realistic and made me like them and believe it would work with all of them as partners. I liked how Ms. Frost had the twins treat her with respect. This wasn’t a campy romp for the sex story. Cheryl really deserved their respect and they gave it so it was quite satisfying when she decided to let go and experience everything Shane and Thomas could do for her to adjust to her change of being a werewolf.

I liked the premise of the story and the idea of werewolves guarding the human race. The reason this book isn’t rated higher is because of a couple of things. The story style had a lot of passive telling and there’s one part where it was raining but the next scene the moon was out. I noticed a few punctuation issues but those are negligible next to the big moon/rain scene. It’s sort of a letdown for me because this story idea had so much potential to be extra exciting that I was thrilled to read it. Even with all that being said, I still enjoyed myself and I liked the characters especially when Cheryl, Thomas and Shane finally do get physical. Ms. Frost hits her stride nicely when it comes to writing ménage scenes that work. I had a good time reading those too.

The external conflict was light but definitely memorable and brought a nice bit of tension and suspense to the story. I wonder what the bad guy’s background was and how he played into the bigger picture that was alluded to in the book. The head guy has his own theory but I am not convinced he’s right. There’s a loose end dangling and this book just whetted my appetite.

It Begins with a Rogue’s Bite is an engaging and different perspective on the relationship between humans and werewolves. Ms. Frost has Shane, Cheryl and Thomas create sensual magic that should please and satisfy erotic romance readers while creating a unique paranormal world with an interesting and titillating problem that entices a reader to beg for more. I was also satisfied with the happily ever after and I thought the lead in was hot and the delivery sweet. But I still want to know about the nefarious plot the rogues have and what possible future roles all three of the main characters in this story might play so I’d say the author did a nice job of hooking me. I had a good time reading this tale and would read more books by Ms. Frost.

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