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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Lady’s Pleasure by Alice Gaines

My Lady’s Pleasure by Alice Gaines
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (94 pages)
Other: M/F/M, M/F, Voyeurism, menage
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Wild Plum

The castle and its lands were Ulric’s goal when he started the siege. Now that he’s seen the Lady Devon, his mind and his body demand he take her as his wife. He only needs to find some way to control his passions so that he doesn’t scare her on their wedding night.

A mysterious minstrel named Trey seems to have the solution with his aphrodisiac potions and salves. In return for his aid, Trey demands the opportunity to win the lady’s affection. The two men do battle to give Devon maximum pleasure. Will she choose the clever poet or the savage Viking who’s come to love her?

A beautifully woven story by an author I consider one of my new favorite authors of 2010! This story captures you from the very beginning and drags you into the author's world. You are no longer a reader, but a character on the sidelines viewing what is going on. The details in every scene are so descriptive you can smell the scents and taste the flavors.

When Vikings begin a battle against Randmead, Lady Josalyn sees no choice but to surrender in order to save the people. Viking Ulric takes her surrender and begins taking over the castle. After Trey, a minstrel, comes to the feast to play a seductive melody Ulric announces that he and Lady Josalyn will be married. After the marriage, Trey offers his services. He assures Ulric he has the potion that will help Lady Josalyn enjoy her wedding night. In return he wants to have the opportunity to win Lady Josalyn from him. Being a Viking and loving a battle, Ulric takes the man up on his offer.

Lady Josalyn felt a connection to Ulric when their eyes first locked, but she can’t help but fight the attraction because he took over her castle. But after there wedding night she starts to see another side of this man.

When Trey plays - he’s seductive and it takes Lady Josalyn to another pleasurable world. She finds she’s turned on by him as well.

Who will she pick in the end? 

When I first started My Lady’s Pleasure, I couldn’t help but wonder if rape or some sort of violence would be in the read because I hate books like that. But as I continued to read, the title sunk in -- the Viking may be strong and at first loathsome, but he does love Lady Josalyn and wants only to pleasure her by making her happy.

Ulric is definitely an alpha-hero and I think every woman who reads this story will fall in love with him. He’s tough on the outside, but on the inside, in the hands of his lady, he’s putty and very romantic.

Josalyn is a hero all women can relate too. She’s strong, independent and the leader of her people. She has a good heart and always tries to do what’s best and to please everyone around her.

This is a story of romance, lust, and pure want-need. It’s a story that takes you back in history to the days people feared Vikings, but with a new look. Not all Vikings are bad and most are sexy and dominating.

I think any historical erotic romance reader is going love this book from Ms. Gaines. After reading it I believe many will be adding her books to their TBR piles.

1 comment:

Alice Gaines said...

Thanks so much for the review of My Lady's Pleasure. I agree with you about rape. I don't find it at all sexy. That's why Ulric took such care to please his lady.