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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Regularly Scheduled Life by K.A. Mitchell

Regularly Scheduled Life by K.A. Mitchell
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (293 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, anal sex, toys, voyeurism
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

It’s a long way back to happily ever after.

Sean and Kyle have enjoyed six perfect years of what their friends called a “disgustingly happy” relationship. But what happens one sunny Tuesday morning in October might be more than even the most loving couple can survive.

When the bell rings that morning in chemistry teacher Sean Farnham’s first-period class, a terrifying sound fills the halls—gunshots. Without considering the consequences, Sean runs to tackle the shooter, sustaining a bullet wound to his leg. Despite his actions, he is unable to save the lives of the principal and two students.

Architect Kyle DeRusso hears about the shooting on the radio, and in the flash of an instant finds his life irrevocably altered. Everything—especially his heart—hangs suspended in a nightmare until he finds out Sean is alive. It doesn’t matter that Sean will be left with a permanent limp. Kyle’s just relieved the worst is over.

Or is it? Putting that day behind them isn’t as simple as it sounds. As Sean struggles to make something positive out of the tragedy, Kyle fights to save their relationship from the dangers of publicity—and Sean’s unwillingness to face how the crisis has changed him.

Laughter, tears, and yearning. Yeah, this book delivers that, and so much more.

There are few times when I’ve bestowed a "best book" rating on something I've reviewed. The story really has to nab me quick and hold me in my seat. When I picked up Regularly Scheduled Life, I knew I’d like the book, if only that one of the heroes was a teacher. But this book was so much more. Once I started the book, I literally couldn’t put it down. I propped it open while I made dinner, because I needed to know what happened next with Kyle and Sean. Yeah, it was that good.

So what hooked me? The emotion and the characters. K.A. Mitchell writes with such intensity that it felt like I was in the room with Kyle and Sean. But where the heavy times could’ve dragged or been preachy, it was like seeing my two best friends living, loving, and dealing with hardship. The human touch in Ms. Mitchell’s work made the story flow, not to mention the pacing.

There are few times when I find myself thinking about a character when I don’t have the book in hand. This book was one of those times. I rushed through, savoring every word to know what would happen. Kyle was my favorite character, hands down. Yes, there were times when I wanted him to stand up and show his frustration, but I totally understood his position with Sean. He loved Sean with all his heart. Seeing Sean hurt tore Kyle up inside. If it was possible, I’d have hugged the poor guy.

And then there’s Sean. The guy has heart, a big, fuzzy, cares-about-everyone heart. As with Kyle, there were times when I wanted to bop him on the head, but I understood. He’d been shot and wanted people to learn from the situation. Give the man props for thinking about the greater good. He cares about Kyle more than he can say, but as with life so many times, things spiral out of control. That’s where I really respected Sean. His reactions were human and something many readers can relate to.

Oh and there is this super hot scene with a glass toy and a little maneuvering—get your head out of the gutter—that made me respect and love them more. Plus it made me squirm in my seat for all the best reasons.

If you want a book that’s sure to stick with you long after the last page, then you need to read Regularly Scheduled Life. It’s a Best Book, indeed.

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