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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Roman Circus by Carlene Rae Dater

Roman Circus by Carlene Rae Dater
Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (217 pgs)
Other: m/f
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Snowdrop

When Harmony Jane Jones loses her cat, her car, her job and her boyfriend, all within the space of a week, she does what any twenty-something woman would do—she runs away and joins the circus. With finesse rather than a whip, Harmony takes charge of her life, finds a new career and possibly the man of her dreams.

If your world was crumbling around you, would you run away and join the circus? That's exactly what Harmony did when everything she had going on in her life fell to pieces in a matter of a few days.

When Harmony first starts out as the new publicity person for Roman Circus she has no idea what is expected of her and she has to quickly learn how things work. Harmony's character is smart and sassy. At time's she is truly a girly girl, but once she pulls herself together she can face pretty much anything thrown her way – including dealing with the dreaded clowns and carnies.

Near the beginning, Harmony meets two unbelievably sexy men: Roman, the owner of the circus and Sam, an Oklahoma cop. The sexual tension between Harmony and both of the men is easily felt in all interactions – you will find yourself rooting alternately for each guy to win her attentions. Roman is the classy, well dressed guy that every girl wants to be seen with. Yet, Sam is the smoldering, hardcore cowboy that every girl daydreams about. What's a girl to do?

The scene that stands out to me the most is a scene at the circus when yet another tornado hits the area – action packed and full of high-strung emotions. Between taking down some bad guys, fighting for her life and trying not to be klutzy – Harmony manages to accomplish it all and adopts a sidekick along the way.

Throughout the story we follow Harmony as she realizes she is stronger than she ever thought – both emotionally and physically. She fights the urges to pack it all in and run home to the loving shelter and comfort of family. What a great transformation in her character – from damsel in distress to chick in charge.

This book is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, sigh dreamily and absolutely make you smile.

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