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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silent Heat by Vonna Harper

Silent Heat by Vonna Harper
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (92 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Violet

Deaf since age ten, Carlee Cooper has become a master gardener. She has developed a teaching greenhouse, funded by her rich landlord, at the local high school and she lives in the small guest cottage behind his home. Although she’s attracted to him, she doesn’t have much self-confidence when it comes to men.

Her landlord, BDSM Dom York Bridges, knows a sub when he sees one—when he touches and smells her. Carlee is drawn to York’s control and power. She’ll submit to the red collar her Masterplaces around her neck and his cuffs on her wrists, for now…

Can one dog change two lives? It certainly can when landlord York Bridges goes to confront his tenant Carlee Cooper about her new hearing eye companion.

When Carlee Cooper receives her new companion dog not only does she know when someone rings the doorbell, but something in Carlee fundamentally changes. York Bridges notices this change when he comes to confront her about having a dog when her lease says no dogs. Instead of just a standard hello what’s up, their meeting turns much steamier.

Carlee and York’s story grabbed me from the first page. Carlee is a strong heroine who is waking up to the world around her thanks to her companion dog. Her companion dog, Farley is giving her a new confidence. I loved her unexpected straightforward speaking. York is a Dom who travels extensively for the company he co-owns. BDSM gives him a measure of control he needs. It’s fascinating to watch him evolve when he meets Carlee.

As York introduces Carlee to his dominant ways, the tension scorches the pages. Ms. Harper had me drooling when she described how York’s clothes fit. Not to mention the effect York’s sports car had on Carlee. I liked how York acknowledged Carlee being deaf and decided that not being able to hear would be the equivalent of a blind fold. Carlee and York’s relationship does fall into the BDSM category, but it doesn’t go farther than simple restraint. Both Carlee and York grow and evolve during their relationship making this a great BDSM story.

My only pause is that the last fifth of the book felt a bit off. The twist in Carlee’s character initially felt awkward. It did make sense after I finished the book and thought about it. In addition, it seemed to be more of a happily for now ending than a happily ever after. The ending left it like they were embarking on a relationship. I didn’t know what type of relationship it would be or its permanence, just that they were both happy. Perhaps the book ended a bit too soon.

Before reading Silent Heat the books I associated with Ms. Harper were her fantasy type offerings like Spoils of War and War Prize which I loved. I have to say Silent Heat didn’t disappoint. The sexual tension exploded between York and Carlee. Her ability to make commonplace things hot was incredibly sexy. There was a wonderful unrestrained quality to their relationship that even York couldn’t control. For this, Silent Heat earns 4 cherries.

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