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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bow Down To The Know by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh

Bow Down To The Know by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh
Publisher: Beautiful Trouble Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (53 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Statice

Having a pork addiction, a shoe fetish and a penchant for setting it off, Eve Ahn fit right in at You Can Kiss Our Whole Sass Sports Promotions. Her position as MMFEIC (Main Mother F*cking Executive In Charge) came with a branding iron, a stilettos allowance, and extended lunches. During a pork run her stiletto boots and her oomph caught the attention of 6’4”of dark chocolate.

Though he appreciated beautiful women, attorney Anax Valere wasn’t a man who was easily swayed by a beautiful woman or a fast car. But then he saw her: wearing bells across her ass, Level Seven stilettos on her feet, she rocked badass like nobody’s business. And then there was her ride: a 1969 black Camaro featuring a black paint job and a purple and black interior. Though he wasn’t surprised that a woman like that drove a car like that, he wanted to be her favorite ride.

Once I got past my confusion over the the title of this story, which didn’t make sense to me, it actually turned out to be quite good – all a bit pat, but good nonetheless.

The writing was clear and eloquent, but there were references that I didn’t get, and the names – well, I had never come across a male name of Anax before, and his best friend, a guy had the moniker of Amyntas, also new to me so had me stumbling over them. Then there was the Ninja Nun Academy – half the time I didn’t know if the authors were making fun of the institution/names or if it was meant for real.

There is a part in the story when Eve, wearing bells of all things, first meets Anax and Amyntas and sees that they both have identical tattoos – I would have liked to have this explained further as it was hinted that they had a shared, somewhat difficult background, but that was it, and I wish I'd learned how that background led to them becoming the gorgeous, intelligent hunks that both obviously were.  It would have certainly added more depth to the story.

Getting past all of that, Anax sees Eve for the first time when she is on a mission to buy ribs to keep her bosses kitchen stocked and them happy. There is instant attraction and the foreplay takes place between Anax and Eve in front of her car and continues on to when he picks her up from work with Amyntas in tow. She is as instantly attracted to him as he is to her – he has already called his mother and told her about her daughter-in-law to be – so there is already the fait accompli!

The date leads to an extended sexual romp in bed, VERY extended – it takes days. Good to know that Anax is up for it – both literally and figuratively speaking!! The scene with the stilettos is well worth reading, but I am not sure if it would involve a bit of Twister to accomplish it and maybe also a trip to the ER if the heels accidentally hit the wrong places! 

There was no conflict, no tension – the story followed a straight line and that path led from the first meeting to the bedroom and onwards to its logical conclusion which, as mentioned before, was all a little bit pat.

"Bow Down to the Know" was an easy, fast read and as mentioned it was well written, but it left me wanting more, much more. I would like to find out more about the other characters mentioned in the story as well as more about the backgrounds of the main characters and what really makes them tick. Not a bad read, and I hope that I am able to learn more in future books – I especially feel like Oliver asking for his own story.  I hope that future books give us more – a whole lot more!

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