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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cupcakes by Michelle Hasker

Cupcakes by Michelle Hasker
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (47 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/F/M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

The joy of her annual Samhain orgy is interrupted yet again by her bossy controller. The man is so annoying he won't even tell her his name. When he magicks her away to a secret play room to teach her a lesson, he learns what can happen if you aren't careful. Tables can easily be turned.

Sweet goodies, Incubi and a party throwing witch combine to give readers a wild ride in this story.

When the book first opens, a reader will get the mistaken impression that this tale might focus on only sex. Not by a long shot. Sure, it depicts a very hot and heavy skin scene but that’s just a misleading teaser to a tale that actually has depth and a very real reason for being and is well worth reading.

Carly is a witch who has been burnt by life and has found a way to live with her limitations. What a reader will eventually realize is that the heroine is strong and courageous, yet suffers a serious hurt. She’s lonely and mistrustful but feels she has no choice but to accept her lot in life because no way, no how will she allow herself to be a victim ever again. Her inherent goodness shines though and with all good people who fight back against incredible odds, some day someone will come along who sees there is more than what they’ve been told about this person and sees them for who they really are.

That person is her Controller. I think he’s like a witch’s parole officer or something because he’s got to keep an eye on her. And he is keeping a very close eye on her but he wants his hands on her too, as well as other parts. Yes, her Controller is a man of strength and stubbornness and he comes up with a boneheaded idea to finally break her. Thing is, once he figures out that his intentions aren’t only about duty but his heart and he finally stops long enough to see Carly the woman, the delish man that he is comes to the fore and the story benefits from some very nice emotional connections being forged.

The conflict is definitely internal and is mostly about earning trust and trusting someone else and then having the courage to reach out to the other despite the risks of being burnt. I really think it made the story richer. What made the book extra spicy were the two incubi who were introduced as negligible secondary characters but towards the end, a subtle shift occurred and I wonder if other readers will catch it. I liked the symbol of that growth. I also liked the very cute and creative way the author had Carly deal with her nemesis. It was a nice touch and brought a smile to my face.

If an erotic romance reader is looking for some guaranteed sheet action then this book delivers in a variety of fun and thrilling ways. I enjoyed the dialogue and I also got a kick out of the clever use of format in the beginning and the epilogue. I liked this story all the more because of it.

Cupcakes is a delightful and satisfying short shot of woo-hoo with a bit of magic and mayhem thrown in to keep a reader turning the pages. I had a lot of fun reading this tale and compliment Ms. Hasker on a job well done. I have to wonder about those two Incubi though; they sure were interesting and provided an extra level of heat. I’d love to see them again.

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Michelle Hasker said...

Thank you for your review. I appreciate the time spent reading and writing this review. I am so happy you enjoyed the story. Thanks!

Michelle Hasker