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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dreams by Jambrea Jo Jones

Dreams by Jambrea Jo Jones
Publisher: Total-e-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (66 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Anabella’s dreams bring her to David, but is he the salvation she’s looking for?

Anabella Pouge is plagued with powers she can’t control, making her life far from normal when all she wants is ordinary. Change is coming her way when she must flee with a man straight out of her dreams.

David Sanders is sent to find Anabella. Without her, the future of his wolf pack is in danger. Forced to travel to the middle of nowhere, David finds Anabella might mean more than just his pack’s survival.

Will the two make it back to the pack in time? Can Anabella and David accept each other and the coming changes to their lives?

When Russell Masters, the alpha of his pack, sent David Sanders on an errand, there were a few need-to-know things he just left out. Like, the woman that David had to find, Anabella Pouge, was crucial to the survival of the pack. Maybe David should have been told that their biggest enemy, Sebastian Donavan would stop at nothing to destroy them all. Most of all, it would have been helpful if Russ had told him that he and Anabella were destined to be mates.

Bella has secrets of her own. She can “hear” people’s thoughts, and her dreams tend to come true. She has dreamt of David since she was eighteen, and has seen the pack lodging burning, with herself trapped inside. The Ancients that oversee paranormal beings don’t want to believe Bastian has gone rogue, so it is up to Russ, David and Bella to protect and defend the compound. Can Bella gain control of her magic before her dream comes to reality? Can she survive the change and become all a mate can be to David? Are they strong enough together to stop the evil that Bastian plans?

Jambrea Jo Jones has packed a lot of action, danger and scorching hot passion into this short story. I love this world that she has created, a wonderful blend of reality and fantasy. The characters are all well defined and most are extremely likeable. Even her secondary characters, Russ and Max, are fully developed.

Anabella “Bella” Pouge is a sassy woman. She is strong and takes her time trusting, as a rule. But she is also afraid, because she hears what people think, at least until she meets David. It was great that she was able to get some relief from the incessant sound with him. I also loved that she was determined to try and find a way to help, and wasn’t afraid to explore the new magic opening in her.

David is such a real guy. He takes on the errand because the alpha told him to, no questions asked. He is a loyal and true friend, and I loved the reaction he had when he realized Bella was his mate. And the instinct to protect her above all else was portrayed perfectly.

This is a great story, although I wish it had been a bit longer, since I didn’t want to say goodbye to my new friends. I got the feeling we will be seeing them again though, as secondary characters in other books. I certainly hope we get both Max’s and Russ’ stories sometime in the future. I will be watching for them.

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