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Friday, November 26, 2010

Earth and Ayr by Viola Grace

Earth and Ayr by Viola Grace
Elymyntyls Book 2
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (68 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Sol has been trying to force information from the giants on the Raven’s Rest station above Jotunheim. No one can tell her where her friend Jin is until Morgarn the mountain giant walks into the bar. He knows where Jin is and is willing to tell Sol, but he trades information for kisses. Using the element of air to torture him, she finds that using air against rock is not an effective means of extracting information.

Sometimes it is wise to remember who, or what, you’re up against. This is especially true for Solial Kellan, an air elemental, and one of three friends who one the bar Elymyntyl on the Raven’s Rest space station. When her friend Jin goes missing, Sol and Fen are left to carry on with the business. And it is business as usual until the bounty hunters that caused Jin to run reappear trying to grab the other two partners.

They hire Morgarn, a giant from the planet below, recommended by the Gaia Group as reliable, to escort them on nightly bank runs. But there is more behind the sudden influx of giants to the station than meets the eye. When Morgarn promises Sol he can help her find her friend, Sol agrees to accompany him to his home. When Morgarn seems intent on seduction, Sol uses her air powers to try and stop him, until he explains to her that she can’t suffocate rock.

Can Sol accept what Morgarn ultimately offers her? Once she finds Jin is safe and happy with her fire giant, will Sol find a life with her mountain giant? Can she escape the bounty offered by Thosnos for her and her friends?

In this, the second book of Viola Grace’s Elymyntyls miniseries, she takes us back to the space station that the three friends call home. I love this new world, and I wish the stories could be longer. I enjoy the imaginative and fantastic characters that Ms. Grace creates, and the marvelous worlds that they inhabit. Ms. Grace never seems to run out of worlds to present, or races to uncover, and this makes for very unusual pairings at times.

Solial Kellan is the daughter of a Terran scorcher and her Dhemon/Nyal mate. She is hot headed and independent, used to having her way. She believes that her control of air gives her the advantage, and with most beings, it does. I like the spirit that Sol shows, and her deep loyalty to her friends. And I loved how she made Morgarn earn his way into her heart.

Morgarn is seven feet of mountain giant. He believes in the prediction that his mate would be an air elemental, and he does what it takes to secure the mate of the prediction. He is strong and determined, and just a little bit obsessive with counting. I loved how he got Sol to fall in with his plans by making a deal that for each question she asked, he would give her an answer but he also earned a kiss as payment. And the interaction between the two is great -- the fun ways Sol used to try and not ask questions.

There is, once again, a surprise twist to the story here. I enjoyed each revelation as it came, and there were some points I was not expecting at all. This is a fun story of romance, revelations and passionate sensuous sexiness. This is best read with the first book, as there are definite links that need to be connected. I recommend both as great fun.

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