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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost by Amy Lane

Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost by Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner PRess
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (100 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

For four millennia, Shepherd, Angel of Repentance, and Jefischa, Angel of the Fourth Hour of Dark, have worked as a team to provide heavenly assistance to those who call their names. Shepherd's work has made him dark and dour, but he's determined to protect Jefischa from all of the terrible pain the mortal world has to offer. Now an accident of divine politics has put Adrian, a twice-dead vampire, in heaven, and angels have been falling to Earth to engage in forbidden activities ever since. Shepherd doesn't know how, and he doesn't know why, but he's heaven-bent on keeping the impressionable Jefischa out of Adrian's clutches. But how is it that someone who was supposedly not human can teach two angels so much about the best of humanity? And how is it that—as long as he has Jefi by his side—no duty on earth or in heaven is as pleasurable as guarding the vampire's ghost?

Can a dead vampire teach two angels how to be human? When Shepherd and Jefi are the latest set of angels assigned the duty of watching the vampire’s ghost, the two angels are anything but happy. The vampire has had a long string of angel watchers, all of whom have fallen to earth afterward. Wary and on edge, Shepherd is determined to protect innocent Jefi from the vampire’s antics. Yet the greatest surprise is that a vampire, a dead one at that, may be able to teach ageless beings about love and emotion.

Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost is the latest in Ms. Lane’s long string of successful stories. Here the characters practically leap off the pages with their interesting quirks, hot sex, charming personalities, and deep love. This is sure to please any die hard romantics who enjoy the idea of love lasting past death. The vampire in question, Adrian, is familiar from past Lane stories and shows that his love and devotion to the people still alive lasts long after his physical death. The anguish and heartbreak Adrian experiences is raw. It’s not surprising that this prompts Shepherd and Jefi to want to experience that kind of intensity.

The romance unfolds in two parallel stories. There is Adrian, the vampire in question, who is pining for his two lovers that are still alive. Adrian is so connected that he literally can’t move on. His lingering emotion and the pain it causes is countered by Adrian’s assertion that the pain is always worthwhile. No matter what happens, Adrian is glad for the pain to remind him of his love. The two angels are fascinated by this devotion and their connection deepens, wanting to experience this same type of love. The angels are adorable, lovely, charming, and fabulous to read. Their love is obvious in the small details, touches, and comments.

If anything this novella is too short. It’s well written, emotional, romantic, heart warming, and breaks your heart at the same time. Those fans of Adrian and his lovers will be pleased to see the story continuing while Shepherd and Jefi are bound to amass their own fans. This great couple lights up the pages with their innocent, yet lasting love and intensity of emotion. You won’t want to miss this one.

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