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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Public Lives, Private Pleasures by Adrianna Dane

Public Lives, Private Pleasures by Adrianna Dane
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (150 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

Descended from an old, very influential Virginia family with conservative views, Adrien has no desire to carry on the family’s political tradition. Still, he's forced to hide his gay identity to protect the budding political career of his younger twin brother, Marsh, who wants to take up where their father, Senator Douglas Langtry, left off. There's no room for mistakes, no matter how much Adrien hates living that lie.

It’s not until Adrien meets sexy Latin choreographer, Frankie Raphael, that his apathy evaporates, and he begins to questions his choices. Beautiful, passionate Frankie offers Adrien a glimpse into a world he’d only ever dared experience through the safety of the lens of his camera. Desire for Frankie makes his personal sacrifices seem suddenly unacceptable.

Dare Adrien jeopardize his brother's political aspirations for a chance at his own happiness or will forces beyond his control slam the door shut on a life he’s only ever dreamed of? If he chooses to come out, their public lives be forever altered by the shocking revelation of their private pleasures.

Public appearance can hide all sorts of private sins. Adrien’s gone along with his wealthy and political family’s plans at the cost of his happiness. That is until he meets Frankie and discovers that maybe becoming his own man is worth the pain and heartache that may follow. The path isn’t easy but with Frankie’s support, Adrien slowly gains confidence to take a stand with his family and his life.

Public Lives, Private Pleasures is another of the coming out series of books from Loose Id. The theme of coming out is integral to the story as Adrien deals with not only his sexuality but also separating from his wealthy and manipulative family. His relationship with Frankie is intense and passionate, but also loving and caring. Frankie provides the support and strength to help Adrien become the man he’s always wanted to be. Their connection is instantaneous but they take a while to consummate their passion and that helps develop the emotion between them.

The story is somewhat uneven as the men dance around their attraction. Adrien is emotionally battered and struggles with his desire to be himself, yet not lose his family. His journey to acceptance is not easy and he often retreats from Frankie when he’s overwhelmed. This slows the story in a few places and the emotion occasionally feels manipulated. Frankie is patient, understanding, caring, and never seems to get upset over Adrien’s actions. He’s a little too good to be true and never seems to waiver with his support and love. Given Adrien’s actions, some frustration would be understandable and more realistic.

However despite this qualm, the story offers an emotional relationship between a man struggling to find himself and a man who loves him. The two are wonderful together and create some incredibly hot sex scenes. There is a ménage scene, which fulfills a fantasy of Adrien’s. It’s casual sex but the emotion is always between Adrien and Frankie. For those readers that love drama, emotion, and hot sex, this story may satisfy.

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