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Monday, November 1, 2010

Texas Heat by Lynne Connolly

Texas Heat by Lynne Connolly
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (176 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Violet

Colliding with a gorgeous man in London’s National Gallery leads Annie to sharing days of steamy passion with him, closeted in her hotel room. Even when she discovers that Vin owns the company buying hers, she can’t get him out of her mind -- or her bed. Poor Vin is going blind. Can she deny him his last sight of a woman’s naked body?

Vin’s worries are piling up -- the company he’s buying has financial problems verging on the criminal, and he’s going blind after an operation that went wrong. There’s a slim chance he could see again, as slim as the prospect of having Annie, after he discovers that it’s her company with the problems. But he can’t stop wanting her. Can’t stop taking her to bed and claiming her as his own.

She denies criminal activity and he wants to believe, but all the evidence is against her. His instincts tell him Annie is innocent, so he takes a new complication in her life as a chance to keep her close -- and safe from the danger that threatens her.

But Annie won’t let him take control of her life. She wants to prove her innocence, even at the expense of the man who took everything she had to give, and came back for more.

Annie never thought wearing new shoes to an art gallery with slippery floors would lead to finding the love of her life, but it did.

Vin and Annie meet because they both love the same painting. When Annie backs up to get a better view she slips and accidentally knocks over visually impaired Vin. Their attraction is instant and electric. Their connection is breathtaking. The sex is hot and wonderfully detailed. I loved the distinction Ms. Connolly made between making love and sex. Both were stimulating.

Then first twist hits when Vin finds out Annie is one of the owners of the company his company was thinking of acquiring. Thinking that she is the one who bankrupted her own company, he leaves her. When Annie and Vin are forced back together their relationship takes a dark turn. They still can’t resist each other, but neither trusts the other. They don’t talk or share their lives, just break down and have sex (and it is sex, not love) when they can’t stand being apart anymore. When the second twist hits, all I could think is -- it’s about time.

Vin is a complex character. At the beginning of the book he could lose his eyesight. You really fall in love with his inner monologue of how his life could still be complete with Annie in it even if he goes blind. He’s your dream guy. When you see him with his family, you can’t help but love him a little more. Even though you’ve grown to love him as he falls in love with Annie, all I can say is after the twist he becomes a jerk. I will say he is redeemed at the end, but the jerk period lasted too long for my liking. If he had just communicated some of his motivations with Annie, much pain (both Annie’s and mine) would have been spared.

Annie is a beautiful character. She’s a smart, creative, and driven woman. She wasn’t looking for a romance with Vin, but didn’t pass up providence. When the first twist happens, she does the right thing. When she gets back together with Vin you know she still loves him and is doing it for the right reasons. Yet while Vin is a jerk during this time, I’d say Annie turns into a bit of a doormat. She had a startup business with her brother that she puts aside so her brother can be happy. Vin basically leaves her alone except when he needs sex. When the second twist happens, all I could say think was “You go girl!”

The start of this romance was wonderful and so was the end. The middle part between the two twists just took too long. I couldn’t understand how Annie and Vin fell apart so badly and couldn’t trust each. Vin’s family provided great support to the couple. I’d really love to read a story about Vin’s sister Yolanda.

No matter what part of the story you were reading, though, Annie and Vin always sizzled.

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