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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Wolves Are Better Than One by Stacey Espino

Two Wolves Are Better Than One by Stacey Espino
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (110 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Spanking, Anal Play
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

When Ingrid’s car breaks down on a deserted highway, she’s rescued by the sexiest man alive. Though she gave up on love long ago, she’s more than willing to partake in a one-nighter with Callen and his delicious friend, Ethan. But it will take a lot of convincing for her to love again.

Callen can’t believe his luck when he spots the beautiful human female roaming around his territory. He wants her for keeps and doesn’t want to share with his alpha. Ethan is tormented between respecting the pack rule of "finders keepers" and following his heart. He knows that Ingrid is his destined mate from the first time he takes in her unique scent.

Can two dominant werewolves learn to share one female?

One is tough and the other is sweet; two men together is like enjoying a Charleston Chew Candy and the heroine is in for a wild ride.

Two Wolves Are Better Than One is the tale of a woman who had given up on ever finding an honest and loving man who would stand by her and decided to go back home and play with the toys that never let her down. Only, Ingrid, the heroine, never made it.

Ingrid is an independent woman but she’s ever hopeful that she’ll find someone to have a family with. She’s pretty much alone in the world so a reader is going to have some sympathy for her. And because she’s alone, Ingrid is pretty up front and honest with her body’s needs. She may not be prepared for what life is about to throw at her in this book but she’s prepared in other areas. I raised my eyebrows at that little tidbit in the beginning – not too sure if it’s even truly possible to do that or if women out there in the world are equally as … prepared as Ingrid. I’d be too chicken to do that. The heroine does have emotional needs and yearnings that a reader can relate to which makes a reader feel for her in that regard too. She’s not had an easy life and her road to her happily ever after is no different.

The conflict is a many pronged thing. First the heroine has her issues of trusting and believing in Ethan and Callen, then she has to worry about her ex, then she has to worry about the conflict between her two guys. Ethan and Callen cause their own conflict which feeds into Ingrid’s which spiral around and around until I just wanted to knock their two heads together. I think Ethan is the most stubborn character I’ve seen in a while and he just can’t see the forest for the trees. He’s this he-man type that has no finesse. Oh, he’s earnest and he really does have strong feelings for Ingrid but he’s not smooth or subtle nor does he have tact. He needs balance but he can’t see that. Which is why Callen is so important. He is a mixture of alpha/beta and there’s a reason for that which gets revealed later. He satisfies another need that Ingrid has deep inside and I think the balance of Ethan and Callen is like a ying and yang type thing. They are two halves to make up the whole half to Ingrid’s solid half to make one. Did that make sense?

It’s a very tangled relationship that Ms. Espino wove throughout and it’s not an easy road to travel for the heroine. Inasmuch as there is plenty of wild paranormal sex to satisfy erotic readers, there is emotional growth that takes place too which I find important. I sort of felt the use of Brent, her ex, to be a pat vehicle to use during one part of the story but the author even made that interesting, to a point, so I didn’t mind too much. The external and internal dialogue helped solidify the personality traits for a reader and gives insight as to why they do what they do.

Two Wolves Are Better Than One is a very emotionally charged story bringing three diverse personalities into harmony the hard way. When Ingrid experiences each man’s sensual talents whether individually or combined, it’s hot, paranormally kinky and should satisfy erotic werewolf romance readers. I was entertained and liked the wrap up of the happily ever after and am glad I read this book.

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