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Monday, November 8, 2010

Where My Warrior Leads by Gwen Campbell

Where My Warrior Leads by Gwen Campbell
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (292 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking, Anal Play
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Can the love between warrior and sibyl stop a world from disintegrating into anarchy?

Three hundred years ago, the sick and psychic were booted off Earth. Set adrift in space, some of the women found a new world where they were revered as sibyls, pagan prophets and political advisors. Their colony is now at a crossroads...evolve or cling to customs that are eroding the social fabric of their world.

When the sibyls' most formidable soldier meets their world's most powerful warrior, her glimpse of their shared future binds them on a quest to find out who's trying to tear down their civilization. One problem with warriors though: When they see a woman they want, they keep her. It may take days, weeks, years but he won't let go until he's purged himself of that need. Too bad his sibyl has plans of her own...and they don't include him.

Can two warriors balance love in a time of unrest and subterfuge? A psychic Sibyl and a genetically superior Caspiun warrior must find common ground to save their peoples and forge a new future.

I met Keira in As My Warrior Commands, the one about her sister Jessica. I enjoyed that book and was looking forward to this one and I am pleased to say that Ms. Campbell has another winner.

Keira is a powerful woman who takes her duty seriously. She loves her people, her job and lives her life satisfactorily, or so she thought until excitement rode through the city’s gates on one of those really interestingly described animals. The man is Raull, a warrior’s warrior who trained Jessica’s mate, Thain. Raull is the best of the best but has never loved another woman until Keira.

True, love isn’t instant; a reader gets to watch it grow but in the meantime, watching the way Raull falls into lust first and then determines that Keira was his, well, if a reader thrills to dominant alpha men then let me say they are in for a treat. He commands, he takes and does what he wants and it’s pretty hot. At the same time, Keira doesn’t let him steamroll her, she takes too as well as gives. I had a great time watching these two strong individuals play on the seesaw of passion which turns to love. I enjoyed Raull’s willingness to show just how much he trusts Keira and for readers of erotic romance, it’s sure to please.

The conflict for the most part is external. Although there is a slight internal conflict on Keira’s part, her being a part of the Sibyl, I figured out eventually that she was going to be set straight. As to the how and the when of it, that’s part of the story’s charm and I’m keeping mum. As it is, they’re having psychic talents a reader would think they’d all have it easy. They don’t and I enjoyed the story more because of it.

Now the external conflict is interesting. I really liked how that was handled and it made a lot of sense. I enjoyed how they gathered the clues and figured out the villains and unearthed the plot. The big climax was like a real mystery revealing, you know, like in the movies with Sherlock Holmes? That was fun.

Secondary characters were varied and lively. I really appreciated the scene with the old Sibyl and how the author had Keira interact with her. I can’t say too much but it was a nice touch and I personally thought it quite sweet. I still very much enjoy the fact that these transplants from Earth kept some of the lingo and I giggled as their usage made Raull do some double takes. And I really liked, and I don’t care if someone else thinks it’s too pat, that they were able to keep other things from back home alive and well. For me it made the story that much more fun.

My only eyebrow raise came from the in-depth political revelations. It was okay but I really didn’t think it added any value to the romance itself. I think the author was having fun with control and wishful thinking but if it makes the future better for Raull and Keira, then that’s alright too.

Where My Warrior Leads is not only a wonderful sequel but an excellent standalone story which not only entertained me but kept me fascinated and provided a wonderful happily ever after. I liked how Raull and Keira each played off of each other’s strengths and shored up whatever kinks there were in their emotional armor. The dialogue, the action, the intrigue and the passion, it all works and Ms. Campbell provided a well told story for readers to enjoy again and again. I like her writing voice and can’t wait for more.

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Gwen Campbell said...

Thank you, Xeranthemum, for your very complimentary review. Wow! I'm over the moon.