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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wild at Heart by Crystal Kaufmann

Wild at Heart by Crystal Kaufmann
Publishing: Lyrical Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (58 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

What is more passionate than forbidden love?

Penny Thompson’s impending marriage to a prissy easterner she’s never met signifies the end of her idyllic freedom. A tomboy at heart, she’d rather work her family’s cattle ranch from the back of a horse than bake and sew. The thought of marrying a man she doesn’t know is bad enough, but when she meets a half-breed Indian who ignites her desire, the idea of a wedding night with a stranger she doesn’t love turns abhorrent. John Black Feather’s touch causes a storm of passion Penny fears she cannot live without.

The son of a Navajo chief and a white captive, John Black Feather has always walked between two worlds. Conceived and educated specifically to help the tribe’s relations with the spreading white world, his dalliance with Penny Thompson could ruin his father’s decades-old plan. But Penny enflames him and drives him to take foolish risks for their love…even though he knows a future with her is impossible.

There is nothing like a love story that promises a teary eye and a happily ever after. There is no love story that is more endearing than an unrequited love story. Wild at Heart is both!!

Penny Thompson is an energetic and enthusiastic young woman living on her family’s ranch, enjoying her life as a western woman when her brother feels she needs to marry. In his concern he arranges a marriage with an eastern gentleman thinking this will take care of his sister’s future.

Little did he know that her head has turned to John Black Feather, her brother’s friend and closest companion. After one intimate encounter in the barn, Penny’s life forever changes.

When her would be husband shows up unexpectedly Penny needs to face her brother, suitor and family members with the announcement that she would rather live a life alone than commit to an arranged marriage, especially if it isn’t with John Black Feather.

Family history, cultural demands and beliefs and the sense of obligation along with a heart wrenching goodbye scene all come together to make a wonderful and endearing romance that I bet you will absolutely love. The heartache and deep emotions that are displayed by John Black Feather make a girl’s heart go pitter-pat. His willingness to sacrifice his heart and soul so that she is able to fulfill her family’s needs bring the emotional angst to the forefront and you just want to shake that girl and tell her to wake up!!!

Ms. Kaufmann, I hope there is a story about Will Thompson coming soon -- his story is just waiting to be told. I would love to read it.

If you are partial to historical western don’t miss this one. I loved it! I love the romance, the true love, the self sacrifice and ultimately the realization of “I can’t live my another day life without this person!” This is a romance in the purest sense.

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