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Friday, December 3, 2010

Cold Steel by Morgan Lee

Cold Steel by Morgan Lee
Publisher: Demanding Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (15 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex, BDSM
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Buttercup

Undercover, under arrest and under a hot cop...

To DEA Agent Parker Tate, being cuffed and frisked during a drug bust is part of the job. But when fellow agent, Garret Lamont, does the frisking, his thoughts are more on blowing his partner than his cover.

Hot men and Cold Steel, when you break out the cuffs everyone wins. Parker Tate and Garret Lamont are great partners in the field, but can that translate into a relationship outside of work?

I'm really of two minds about Cold Steel. If you take it as is, it's a perfectly good story, but it could have been so much more. I was expecting a short story but at 15 pages it's more of a tease than an actual story. You're really only given a glimpse into the characters personalities and lives. I liked what I saw, but I really would have enjoyed more.

Many things are alluded to either in conversation or memory, but none of them are fully explored. Both Parker and Garret mention being attracted to each other when they first met, but them meeting is never shown. Later Parker admits that he didn't know Garret was gay at first. Parker didn't know if he was interpreting Garrets actions as proof of him being gay simply because Parker wanted Garret to be, and again Garrets actions are never shown not even in a memory.

Even in this day and age being gay can still carry a stigma, especial if you work in certain professions like the military or police. So it's understandable that as DEA agents Parker and Garret are leery about admitting their attraction to each other, but the actual conversation where Parker tells Garret how he feels is sort of glossed over. They make mention of the conversations and that Parker makes his confession right before heading out to an undercover assignment, but that's it. I want to know what was said, how they dealt with their emotions while doing a rather dangerous job. For that matter I want to know about the undercover assignment, who were the guys they took down, how Parker deals with the stress of being undercover.

For those that don't know or understand about the BDSM lifestyle, all they see is the leather and whips and cuffs. When in actuality it takes a great deal of trust to be that open and vulnerable to another person. Morgan Lee did a great job of showing this with Parker and Garret. Both of these men are very strong, alpha type males, who have never had a desire to submit or be dominated by another man before. While they are not going to be a true dom and sub, they will have fun trading off dominating each other, and exploring their boundaries in the future. What's really great is that it's the BDSM elements, that bring a real sense of emotion almost tenderness, to what otherwise would have just been a fast fuck up against the car. Both Parker and Garret realize that this is new territory for both of them, and acknowledge that some things should be taken slow.

If you are looking for a little something to excite or help get you in the mood, then Cold Steel is perfect for you. If you've always been curious about the BDSM lifestyle but didn't know where to start, I suggest Cold Steel. Cold Steel is a sexy short read, that leaves you wanting more.

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