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Friday, December 10, 2010

Enforce by Viola Grace

Enforce by Viola Grace
A Terran Times Story
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (91 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Gwen has been living a life of duty and responsibility. Her first Alliance assignment was as an Enforcer, her next the polar opposite, Matchmaker. She has fought rabid crowds with ease and control, but facing an endless supply of bridezillas is too much to handle when her old boss comes knocking. Etien Mathijen has pulled in every favour he was owed to get his true mate to his planet in a capacity where he can court her. Now he just has to get her cooperation and they will be able to live happily ever after. With her mind on duty and responsibility, can he crack her shell of reserve in time to save her from her own mindless obedience?

Gwen Steryio has held two very responsible positions. She was an Enforcer, helping to control rioters and unruly displays. When she left that life, she took with her the memory of one perfect passionate kiss from Etien Mathijen, her commander. Now she is a matchmaker, trained at the Citadel. She has a perfect success ratio, and yet she is alone.

When she is invited to the wedding of the latest couple she matched, she agrees to go if transport can be arranged. The uncle of the groom picks her up, and to her surprise, it is her old commander, Etien Mathijen. He knows something that she doesn’t: she is his true mate, and he has pulled lots of strings to get her to this planet. When she realizes all that he’s done to have her near him, she is stunned at first, but soon discovers a sense of freedom she has never had before. Can these two find a middle ground to agree on? Will Gwen accept everything that Etien offers her? And what is with those silver butterflies?

I absolutely adore the Terran Times stories. Viola Grace has used Earth as her future Terra, and the descendents of travelers to faraway worlds are the characters in her tales of romance and humor. These characters are very real and yet unique to this special world that Ms. Grace has built. I love how she weaves romance and fantasy together in these, and spices things up with some hot action.

Gwen is a strong woman, but she is lonely. She is devoted to her position as a matchmaker, and is proud of her work. I liked her confidence in both of her positions. She is also a bit insecure in her personal life, and I enjoyed watching her come out of her self-imposed isolation when she realized what freedom meant to her life.

Etien is determined to make things perfect for Gwen. He wants to claim her heart as well as her body, and he isn’t above subterfuge and trickery to get the results he wants. He is a man in love, and he makes no apologies for that. Of course, he is strong and sexy and absolutely mouth watering. The passion between Etien and Gwen is marvelous, and leads to some very hot and sexy passages.

This is a hot and fun romance, and I enjoyed watching the verbal sparring between Gwen and Etien, and seeing the ways he found to sneak past her defenses every time she put up another wall. This is one of my favorite Terran Times tales so far. There is a very special happy ever after in this one and I recommend it to anyone who wants a few giggles along the way. And the silver butterflies? You have to read this to understand them.

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