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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fallen Angel by Sam Cheever

Fallen Angel by Sam Cheever
A Del Fantasma Story
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (92 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Sick of heroes and on the run from angry gods, Bellona Fara, a Valkyrie, visits Del Fantasma looking for a bad boy to love. Cody introduces her to fallen angel, Gabe, who's trying to atone for a single mistake that haunts his days and nights with regret. When an earthquake shakes the very foundations of life in Vista Loma, California, their growing feelings for each other will be sorely tested, as they try to fight their basic natures while dealing with things well beyond their control.

Valkyries have always served a noble purpose: escort the souls of fallen heroes to Valhalla where they may be judged honorable and serve to protect the gods. But Bellona Fara is tired of heroes, and she comes to Del Fantasma looking for a good time with a bad boy. What she finds is Gabe, a fallen angel, trying to atone for the one serious mistake he made.

Bellona realizes that Odin has changed the rules of soul harvesting, and because of this, mankind is losing its heroes before their time, and many times, against their will. When an earthquake hits Vista Loma, Bellona must choose between harvesting unwilling souls with her sisters, or placing the heroes of Vista Loma under her protection. Can she save the souls of all those deserving heroes, giving them the chance at full lives? Can she convince Gabe that he is more than the one mistake he made, no matter how tragic it was? Can she convince her sister Valkyries to stand against the injustice of the taking of unwilling souls, or will she start a war that none will win?

Sam Cheever has written a romantic story of two very different beings that fall in love against all odds. The characters are delightful and well crafted, with many emotional layers for each. This is also a story with intrigue and betrayal, and standing up for what you believe is right. I loved watching Bellona grow into the strong and righteous warrior, willing to take on the very Gods she served to right wrongs done in their name.

Bellona has become tired of the fighting, tired of heroes. She is strong and cares deeply about the way things are turning out. I enjoyed watching her come to terms with her role in the scheme of things, and I loved that she had the strength of character to fight to change things, even if it meant going against her sister Valkyries. I also liked that she wasn’t willing to give up on Gabe, seeing more good in him than he saw in himself.

Gabe is one of my favorite types of heroes. Yes, he is strong and handsome and sexy. But he is a tortured and broken soul, and he has been struggling to atone for one wrong move. I love the interaction between Gabe and Bellona, and how each is supportive of the other.

There are several wonderful surprises in this, and I refuse to spoil the reader’s enjoyment by revealing them. I do recommend this one for those who love romance with redemption and passion and happy ever after for all.

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