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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Have Stake, Will Travel by Rebecca Leigh

Have Stake, Will Travel by Rebecca Leigh
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Contemp, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (165 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Morning Glory

Orion Masters is no ordinary slayer, she's a dhampir—half vampire—and she uses her superhuman abilities to her advantage.

After all, a girl's gotta make a living.

But her life takes a dramatic u-turn on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The balmy nights of paradise hold a forbidden temptation. Hot, steamy sex with Julian Hunter.

Like Orion, Julian is a slayer. Unlike Orion, Julian is a pure blood. Their paths cross on the hunt and Orion finds herself unable to control the allure of Julian's seductive powers. Yielding to her body's instinctive, passionate reaction to Julian, she discovers the erotic lure of heritage, shared blood, and destiny.

This book is like Buffy on steroids.

A unique look at the slayer, vampire dynamic. Orion is a vampire slayer and a dhampire or half vampire. Being a dhampire gives her special powers which she can use against the vampires. These powers give her a slight advantage in her line of work, letting her know who's a vampire and who isn't. I liked this take on vampires and dhampires. It was a fresh view on vampires and slayers. I enjoyed Orion, she's a tough no nonsense type gal who does her job and does it well. Julian is the sexy as sin, pure blood vampire who kills his own kind. These two have an instant connection, that lights up the pages.

I like that Orion was skeptical of Julian at first yet gave into her carnal needs anyway. What I didn't like was the sexual banter before and during every fight they took on together. Also, in the beginning Orion was this tough, indestructible woman and then when Julian entered the scene she became a vampire punching bag. I think Julian threw her off her game. Don't get me wrong, Julian did his part, but he also did a fair share of distracting Orion.

Ms. Leigh did a great job of keeping me interested in the story. I wanted to know how the whole thing was going to end. I have to say Ms. Leigh writes one mean sex scene and her fight scenes weren't half bad either. Her skill at writing really made me care what happened to Orion.

If you like a well put together hot vampire story check this book out.

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Rebecca Leigh said...

Morning Glory:

Thank you so much for reviewing my book! I'm so happy you liked it :)