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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lillian’s Rogues by Kris Cook

Lillian’s Rogues by Kris Cook
An Eternally Three Novella
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (93 pgs)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M, BDSM, Spanking, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Though Lillian Devereaux would enjoy being back in her jeans drinking coffee at the corner café, she must do her job. Naked under the ancient robe, she walks to the cell where the Conclave’s two immortal prisoners are kept.

Reno’s new immortal life sucks. Day one, he’s captured by cult followers. When he sees Lillian entering his cell, everything about her, much more than his chains, holds him hostage.

Titus has been imprisoned by the cult for centuries. The moment he spots Lillian, primal hunger rises up inside him. Still, his ancient hate won’t go down without a fight, despite his growing desire for the new high priestess.

Lillian performs the seduction ceremony on Titus and Reno, and cravings take hold of all of them. Will the threesome let hate pull them apart or despite the evil pursuing them, will they hold on to their new love for each other?

Lillian Devereaux would like nothing more than to be a normal young woman. But she knows that those things that most mortals believe are just fictional characters-demons, jinns, angels and other immortal beings-are all too real.

Trained since childhood to take her place as a High Priestess in the Conclave of the Bloodline, she is a bloodliner, a human with the ability to draw power from these immortals and use it to empower others of her kind. But she discovers that the Conclave is just another kind of evil, and when she meets the shade, Reno, and the phantom, Titus, who will take her virginity and empower her, she discovers something she has been searching for-a reason to break free of the Conclave and all that it stands for.

What they become, together, is a Perfect Triad, and more powerful than she believed possible. She also discovers a side to herself she never knew existed, and one she longs to explore with Reno and Titus. Can these three find a way to escape the Conclave and its evil high priest? Will they find happiness, and love together? Or will they be always on the run, hiding from the Conclave?

This is a short but hot story, set in the world of the Eternally Three universe, but just outside the main stories of angels and jinns. I always enjoy my forays into this world that Kris Cook has created, and this one is just as interesting as the rest. And it does tie up some loose ends from the books, like how Eric got the book of Timu that is quoted often.
Although it is short, there is plenty of hot and delicious action here.

I liked watching Lillian grow a backbone. She started out as a subservient, timid girl, doing as everyone told her. But she grew to realize that the Conclave was wrong for her and chose to do something about it. I loved watching her find love with her two ‘victims’ and foiling the plans of the Conclave high priest by engineering their escape.

Reno and Titus are both unique characters. I’m used to the angels and jinns of this world, but with Titus, a centuries old phantom, and Reno, a newly born shade, we are introduced to more of the immortal denizens of this unique world. Titus is the dominant male, and he plays the role quite well, pushing all the right buttons for optimum response from Lillian. Reno is new to the game, but willing to do whatever it takes to keep Lillian interested.

This actually is a prequel to the events in the other books in this world, and it answers some questions that were of concern in the two books I had already read. This is an excellent addition to the series, and I enjoyed it. This is a must have addition.

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A very nice review Kris!