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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bottoms Up by Miranda Baker

Bottoms Up by Miranda Baker
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (74 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Sex, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Violet

Love is the hardest limit.

Come Again, Book 1

“I’m an Aries. We don’t submit.”

“I’m a Leo. Wanna bet?”

Destiny Blake senses that her boredom with blond pretty boys is about to come to a flesh-tingling end. Since her first love left her for a more experienced Domme, she’s honed her topping skills to a fine edge. Yet the idea of bottoming for the hard-bodied owner of her favorite BDSM club is an erotic challenge she can’t resist.

Destiny isn’t Johnny Delcorral’s type. Tangling with her, even for one night, is a dangerous proposition for a man with good reason for needing his women submissive. But he suspects she’s hiding a submissive streak under her dreadlocks and leather, and he hungers to make her obey—and curb her reckless spirit.

The battle is on, both in the bedroom and out. Under Johnny’s knowing hands, she is dismayed to discover she’s enjoying submission more than she cares to admit. And Johnny finds himself relishing her defiance instead of curbing it—and fighting a growing unease with his inability to find her boundaries.

Until one night he pushes one step too far—and comes hard up against the one boundary he never expected to find.

“No blood,” she finally answered. “No blindfolds. Always wear a condom. No other women. And not tonight.”

BDSM club owner Johnny Delcorral is rather shocked when he asks Domme Destiny Blake to switch and sub for him and these are her only limits. Destiny’s grown bored with her usual blonde sub boys, and figures all good dominants have tried the other side of the power exchange. Yet it’s not just this that makes her agree, Johnny just draws her. Just talking to him, she’s turned on more than she’s been in months. When Johnny and Destiny get together their chemistry is incredible. Yet beyond chemistry, there’s something more than just a dominant and submissive together.

Johnny Delcorral is a fascinating hero and dominant. He’s deliciously good looking, strong, smart, but has a tragedy in his past. In many books, the dominant is very sure of who he is and has no change or growth. The dominant’s satisfaction is in finding the perfect submissive that completes his life. Johnny isn’t like that. Johnny embraced dominance due to the safety it provided. Destiny Blake is the first woman he has sub for him that represents a challenge to him. As she’s trading sides of the power exchange, she’s not your standard submissive. She’s much different and ignites a reaction he’s never encountered before. It was fascinating to read Johnny’s growth curve.

Destiny Blake is a refreshing heroine. She’s a strong mistress and the male subs vie for her attentions. I’d never read a book about a mistress switching to a submissive before. Like Johnny, Destiny has her own reasons for becoming a mistress. She was introduced to domination and submission by an old boyfriend, and when he left her she kept going. She’s been burned by love and is not looking for it. But Johnny lures her in a way she never imagined. Her logical choice to become his submissive affects her in a manner she never saw coming. Just as Johnny grows, so does Destiny. Although Destiny starts the book as a mistress, I picked up almost a “little girl lost” vibe as I read her internal dialogue. My guess is Johnny sees the same thing when he invites her to be his sub.

When Destiny and Johnny play for the first time, “hot” is just too tame a word. The sparks they put off had me reeling. I was hot and bothered reading this book. In fact, this book was so engrossing I read it in one sitting.

The sex is hot and fabulously detailed. But even better, I loved the day after and what happens when they both go home. Johnny immediately invites her back and makes her dinner, which just melted my heart. Then Monday hits and both Johnny and Destiny are in shock about their experience. Johnny can’t believe what’s happened to him and that he wasn’t his usual strong dominant self. So he invites her back to right their relationship. Instead of “righting” the situation, their relationship grows stronger and the change in Johnny is apparent to everyone. Then Johnny does something so fun to read about. He utterly messes up! My heart had already fallen in love with Johnny, and at that point I just swooned.

Johnny and Destiny are supported by their friends. Destiny confides in her boss Bonita, a lesbian sub. Bonita’s a great friend who doesn’t judge and helps Destiny come to grips with what’s happening. Not to mention Destiny’s ex-boyfriend who shows up and points out some interesting things out to her. Johnny’s friend is Matt. Matt is the brother of Johnny’s first love. Matt and Johnny play together with Destiny for one steaming ménage. Matt is an old friend who can tell Johnny the absolute truth. They’ve both shared and been changed by a tragedy. I really like Matt, and definitely see him getting his own story.

Ms. Baker’s Bottoms Up has everything I look for in a book: a great story, intriguing characters who grow, a voice that draws you in, and smoking hot sex. In Ms. Baker’s Bottoms Up, Samhain Publishing has given me a wonderful last present for the year 2010. I can’t tell you how wonderfully surprised I was by this book. It was more than I expected, and I highly recommend it.

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