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Friday, January 28, 2011

Breakfast By The Sea by Destiny Blaine

Breakfast By The Sea by Destiny Blaine
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (276 pages)
Other: M/F/M/M/M, M/F, M/F/M/M, anal play, menage
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

A beautiful woman with a checkered past runs a legitimate bed and breakfast on Jekyll Island. Several young men posing as cowboys move in Breakfast by the Sea and things become chaotic right from the start when the oceanfront B&B turns into a command center for a very determined group of special Super-Op Forces.

Pursuing a man known as the King of Hearts, five tough operatives fall fast for a woman they’re supposed to eliminate. When the team discovers Paige Lambert is in fact the Queen of Hearts, they can’t ignore their handler’s orders. Is the bed and breakfast owner destined to die for her past crimes or will she end up under the protective custody of the men hired to kill her?

“You told me you were cowboys on an extended vacation!”

Turns out a few lying cowboys/operatives is the least of Paige’s worries. Being married, separated, and hunted by the world’s most wanted mob boss certainly ranks somewhere near the top of her “wish I could undo” list.

Paige is one tough lady but can she protect herself from an obsessive ex and five tough and determined men who may or may not have to kill her before the mission was finished? Sit back and prepare yourself for a deep and intense story that will have you turning the pages, anticipating each new development in this exciting novel.

Ms. Blaine has penned a very in-depth and layered plot that kept me constantly trying to guess her next move. This is not your typical ménage storyline where the heroine automatically falls madly in love with all the heroes involved. While Paige doesn’t reject any of the men outright, she has a deeper and more obvious connection with two of the men. I won’t give away which two she ends up favoring, partially because that would be a spoiler but also because I don’t want the reader to not appreciate what she has with the other men involved.

If you like a heroine who has been put through the wringer and came out tougher and more self-sufficient on the other side, you will love Paige Lambert aka Jillian Carpasia. She lived in an abusive relationship and has finally broken away and is simply trying to live quietly as the owner of a bed and breakfast on Jekyll Island. Just as an aside, I really loved the setting of Jekyll Island. There’s history and beauty there that seems almost out of place until you remember how close you are to the Georgia coast.

Like Paige, the men in this story are each unique and captivating characters. Adam is the leader of this band of brothers. Connor it his second in command and oozes self confidence. Callan and Miles are the youngest members of the group and the least experienced. What they lack in experience they more than make up for in enthusiasm. Jeff is the lady killer – literally and figuratively.

My only real problem with the story, other than a few editing errors, was some of the dialogue. Both Paige and the men seem to speak a language that was a bit over my head. She has a history of dealing with mob men and they are espionage agents. They seem to understand each other perfectly but I felt like I was trying to catch up to an inside meaning that alluded me. Ms. Blaine obviously put in some real time and effort for the sake of accuracy. I loved the ending of the story and as such I will likely go back and re-read it for a better understanding.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Breakfast By The Sea. This novel is packed with plenty of action, tension, personal growth and some steamy hotness that had me reaching for a fan.

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