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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breaking Brent by Niki Green

Breaking Brent by Niki Green
Publishing: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (169 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

In Millbrook, Texas, there are cowboys. Then there are the Kiels, every girl’s idea of perfection in tight-fittin’ jeans. Peyton James is no different. Only she doesn’t want to admit it—because three years ago Brent Kiel ripped out her heart and handed it back in teeny little pieces.

In a twist of fate Peyton wound up engaged to Brent’s best friend. The engagement might be off now, but no one needs to know, right? It keeps the questions at bay…and the temptation called Brent Kiel out of reach. Until the night he shows up at her family’s bar.

The only reason Brent agrees to meet his brothers at Big Jack’s is that Peyton never darkens the door on a Friday night. Except tonight. Seeing her is a painful reminder of his mistake and what it cost him—and that no other woman’s lips or body will ever satisfy him like hers.

Nothing—not the past, not her legendary temper, not even the rock on her finger—will keep this cowboy from getting what he wants…

On her eighteenth birthday, Peyton celebrated with her two best friends Brent and Carter. On that same night Brent decided to change the terms of their relationship. Friendship became romance. Brent became her whole life. Until he saw, through his brother Chase, how a woman can bring a man to his knees and rip his heart out at the same time. So Brent, being the man that he is, made the pre-emptive stike and used the old "it's not you it's me line" and broke Peyton's heart. But Peyton survived and through a series of being in the right place at the right time for him, Carter becomes engaged to Peyton.

To prove that you can go home again, Peyton agrees to cover her brother's shifts and goes to work in her family bar...the same bar that all the cowboys frequent, including Brent. Seeing her turns Brent's world upside down and then right side up again! But can he make it right for Peyton as well? This cowboy has a lot of repair work ahead of him. As they muddle their way through a family wedding, a breaking marriage involving an unstable spouse and those unexpected moments of raw pasion, you know it is not going to be an easy ride for them, but it sure is going to be interesting.

This is such a wonderful story to get lost in. Brent and Peyton could be your sibling or your best friend in high school because you grow to care about them and hope they wake up and smell the coffee. The struggle with their own issues and the mayhem their large families can create around them is typical and very real life.

This is the second book in Niki Green's Roped series and begins with the results of the original book about Chase, but stands on its own so well! All of Brent's brothers, as well as their wild stepsister, are well represented and set them up for future stories. The story is seamless and builds slowly to the realization that hearts can be broken but they also can mend beautifully. There are so many different plots in romance storytelling but this is my favorite: re-aquainted lovers and rekindled passion. Grab this book, sit back and watch the sparks ignite!!

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April said...

Just read this book and all I can say is this family is going to "Kiel" me!!! I've enjoyed every word and can only hope that there are many books to come about this family!!