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Monday, January 24, 2011

Brotherhood of Fire by Elizabeth Moore

Brotherhood of Fire by Elizabeth Moore
Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (192 Pages)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M, Anal Sex/Play, Light BDSM, Spanking
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

At the Grand Falls Fire Department, brotherhood is the key to everything. It's the glue that holds firefighters together through thick and thin. When Garrett O'Neal realizes the brotherhood he shares with his mentor and best friend could be something that fulfills the erotic fantasy he has of sharing his wife, Carrie, it begins a journey that none of them will escape without being plunged into the depths of flaming passion. A hot and intense tryst becomes so much more than just a bedtime fantasy. As the three begin to navigate the boundaries of love and desire, the fires of passion and their passion to fight fire threatens to tear the three of them apart forever.

Sometimes voicing your fantasies can come back to bite you in your behind. When Garrett O’Neal let slip that he fantasized watching another man in their bed, he discovered that the idea ramped up his wife Carrie’s reactions during their lovemaking.

But that is all it is, until he takes it one step further, inviting his best friend into their bed.

John Brenner is Garrett mentor as well as his friend, and doesn’t know what to think of the invitation. And John has a secret: he’s been attracted to Carrie since the day they met. He isn’t sure this is a good idea, but when Garrett keeps pushing, he caves in to his desires, and goes along for the ride. But has Garrett thought things through completely, covering all the things that can go wrong? Can he handle the feelings and emotions that could develop? Or will one of them get hurt in the process?

Elizabeth Moore has written a hot and steamy romance, with a thread of ‘be very careful what you wish for’ running through it. I literally could not stop reading this book; it held my attention though the whole story. I couldn’t wait to see what these three would do next, how far they would take this relationship.

Carrie loves her husband. She is a strong character, but starts off as hesitant to fall in with what her husband wants. I enjoyed watching her grow into the confident and yet submissive partner to both men, seeing the control she had over both of them. She became the strongest of the three, smart and sassy, and willing to reach for what she wanted.

Garrett is the impulsive and slightly too cocky husband who convinces his wife and best friend to take this chance at more. He doesn’t stop and think, and I loved watching him realize he wasn’t in control as much as he thought. I found his denial of anything he wasn’t ready to face very immature, and I liked watching him finally become the man he needed to be.

John is the sensitive and caring man in this group. He is introspective and has his doubts, but I liked the fact that he cared enough for Carrie to start off hesitant until he was sure she was on board with it all. And I loved it when he took charge from time to time, giving as good as he got.

This is one of the best firefighter stories I’ve ever read. Ms. Moore gives us a real feel for the camaraderie that is between the men in the firehouse. You can feel the sense of respect and family, and when tragedy strikes, you see them all come together in support of their own. There were two big surprises in this one, and both contribute to the very touching and wonderful, and extremely hot, happy ever after. I recommend this to all of you who love their romance on the edge, but be sure to bring the tissues, as this one can really bring on the tears, too.

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Great review for a great author! Good job.

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