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Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Goes Camo Anthology by Desiree Holt, Allie Standifer, Brenna Zinn

Christmas Goes Camo Anthology by Desiree Holt, Allie Standifer, Brenna Zinn
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday
Length: Full Length (157 Pages)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

'Melting the Ice' by Desiree Holt

When an elf and an alpha male collide at the frozen South Pole, will the heat they generate melt the ice?

Sonia Snowflake, one of Santa’s elves and warriors, hates her new assignment—go to the South Pole with a team of three and scout a location for a new toy factory. It’s bad enough that it’s one week before Christmas, but they also have to dodge an angry Cupid who wants to downgrade Christmas, and three alpha military males who are also there on a mission.

Sonia’s grumbling lasts only until the very alpha Jaguar Martin is literally blown into her tent. The explosive chemistry between the two is so intense they can’t keep their hands off each other. Their situation is complicated even more by the drug, Thermavan, that Jaguar and his team are testing. Created to maintain body temperature at a steady 98.7, it has a side effect of maintaining constant sexual arousal.

How will this effect their respective missions, and what happens when the interlude comes to an end?

'Trapped by Ice' by Allie Standifer

Christmas, magic, elves and the military. Let the games begin…

Kendil Jolly is an elf satisfied with her immortal existence. She dives off icebergs, swims with seals and has a hefty bet riding on Dasher in the reindeer games this year. The one thing she doesn’t need in her world is a pesky breakable mortal. Too bad she’d been assigned to protect the ones encroaching on her territory.

Teague Jester has landed in the coldest place on earth to test out a new military cold weather drug. He’s a not afraid of anything except maybe a strange women with hair the color of tinsel and weird pointed ears. Or the crazy female in a cat suit shooting weird arrows at him.

Two beings who never should have met end up falling for each other in the most hilarious ways possible all because Christmas Goes Camo and Kendil and Teague end up Trapped By Ice.

'Tempered by Ice' by Brenna Zinn

Not even the extreme cold of the South Pole can cool down one of Santa’s sexy female battle elves and an Army officer when they’re busy making their own heat.

After years of attending military boarding schools and a career as an Army medical researcher, Lieutenant Colonel Axel Cole’s long awaited retirement from the world of physical fitness tests and any type of committment will come to an end with the end of his next and last mission.

Only a week before Christmas, he’ll determine if his experimental drug, Thermavan, maintains his internal body temperature at 98.7 degrees in the severe cold climate while he participates in training exercises at the South Pole, without the extreme sexual arousal and hallucinations of having wild sex with a six-foot warrior elf that he experienced the last time he tested the drug at the North Pole.

Tasha Tinsel, an accident prone member of Santa’s elite warrior force, the B.E.L.L.S.(Battle Elves trained in Logic warfare and Land defense Scouts), is just not like the other elves in Santa Claus’ crew. The product of a human father and an overbearing elf mother who wants nothing more than to see her daughter working in the toy factory like a regular elf, Tasha stands six foot in her green stockinged feet and towers above everyone in Santa’s village.

Though she’s only a snowman’s breath away from losing her beloved position in the B.E.L.L.S. she’ll stop at nothing to stay on the force, help locate Santa’s second workshop on the South Pole, and then protect the site from anyone who stands in her way.

Santa needs to expand his workshops in order to meet increased demand for toys. He sends an advance force of B.E.L.L.S. (Battle Elves trained in Logic warfare and Land defense Scouts), three very beautiful and sexy elves to scout out territory in Antarctica for the expansion.

But not only do they have to find the perfect site for the new workshop, they must watch out for Cupid and his Vinions, since the God of Love is waging war against Santa. He wants to reduce the popularity of Christmas, and make Valentine’s Day the most loved holiday. Along with all of this, they also need to watch out for three military men on a mission to test an experimental drug that helps regulate body heat in extreme cold. Can three hot and sexy B.E.L.L.S. thwart Cupid, find the perfect location for Santa’s expansion, and convince three hot hunks to believe in magic?

Trapped by Ice by Allie Standifer. Kendil Jolly is one unhappy elf. She is stuck at the South Pole, looking for the perfect site for Santa’s new workshop, and has to deal with Teague Jester as well as Cupid’s Vinions. When Kendil and Teague are thrown together, things heat up very quickly; after all, one of the side effects of the drug coursing through his system is extreme lust. Can she convince him elves are real, not just some figment of his imagination, or a side effect?

Tempered by Ice by Brenna Zinn. Colonel Axel Cole is the creator of Thermavan, and is planning on testing it on himself, along with two others dropped in the frozen Antarctic. Six months earlier, he tested an earlier version at the North Pole, and he is hoping that the work he has since done will remove the side effects, especially the hallucinations and the extreme lust the drug incites. After all, as a scientist, Axel knows that there are no such things as elves, even tall beautiful and sexy elves named Tasha Tingle. When he encounters her again on this mission, has he failed, or are there more things than science can explain?

Melting the Ice by Desiree Holt. Sonia Snowflake would rather be anywhere else but on this mission. She wants to get back to her life at the North Pole, find a nice elf and settle down. But as one of Santa’s B.E.L.L.S., she is leading the mission to find a new location for expansion. When Lieutenant Frank ‘Jaguar’ Martin sees her magically set up her tent, he believes he is hallucinating, and who would blame him. But when they come under attack from Cupid and his Red Army of Vinions, can they keep their hands off of each other long enough to save the location and win the day?

These are three very hot holiday stories. I found the three B.E.L.L.S. to be strong and confident, and very funny at the same time. Their determination to accomplish their mission, even with all the distractions from Cupid and the military hunks is great to read.

The men were all sexy and hot, and had to deal with learning to believe in magic as well as dealing with the extreme lust that the drug caused. The eventual acceptance and belief in the magic of the women was fun to watch. And the sex was hot enough to melt the ice on both poles; talk about ‘global warming’. This is for those who don’t want a traditional holiday treat to read.

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