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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frost and Fyr by Viola Grace

Frost and Fyr (Elymyntyls Book Three) by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy, holiday
Length: Short Story (52 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Fire elemental Fehniel of Hickom knows that her friends have found true love. The wolf in her knows that this frost giant is her mate, but the fire elemental in her wants to fight him all the way. Tynir knows that she is meant for him, but her calculating mind may be more than he can handle when it comes to keeping her safe. Unprepared when he sees the real her, he has to make a choice, run like hell, or fight to keep a woman who makes his cold blood run hot.

When a seer told Lord Thosnas that three of his grandsons would meet their perfect mates on a place above the planet Jotunheim, he did what he could to ensure their success with their destined mates. Now two of them have brought their females to the planet. Tynir is the third grandson, and a frost giant. The mate foretold by the seer for him is none other than Fehneil of Hickom, a fire elemental and daughter of the Wolf king. While the attraction is there for Fen, she hasn’t decided that he is the one for her, in spite of what a Hickom seer saw in her future: a mate who would ‘cool her fire’. Can Tynir convince her to visit the planet below, and think seriously of a future with him? And will the visit be an uneventful one for her? Can she escape the danger thrust upon her after her night with Tynir?

This is the third and final story in the Elymyntyls series from Viola Grace. Just when I believe that these can’t get any better, Ms Grace ramps up the romance and tension just that much more. I love the world that includes so many different beings, giants and elementals of many different talents.

Fen is a fun character. She plan to meet with her two best friends and partners, both of whom have gone to the planet below with their mates. She is determined to hold out until she has made sure she and Tynir can have a compatible life together, and also to find out why Thosnas set things into motion as he did. She may be the most cautious of the three friends, but she is also the most passionate.

Tynir is a frost giant, and capable of cooling the fiercest fires in his mate. He is also logical and levelheaded, and sees no reason to deceive Fen when she questions him on what is going on. He truly believes she is the one for him, and sets out to prove it in the best way possible. And when Fen is abducted, he is strong and yet terrified for her.

There is so much happening in this third book. There is the romance between Tynir and Fen, the visit from her family to Jotunheim, and then there is the danger that rears its ugly head, just when things should be moving along smoothly. The passion that explodes suddenly between Fen and Tynir is wonderful, and her ingenious escape from her captors is inspired. This is a marvelous conclusion to the Elymyntyls series, and I recommend all three for those who like their romance just a bit different.

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