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Friday, January 7, 2011

Need You Now by S.L. Carpenter

Need You Now by S.L. Carpenter
A Tahoe Nights story
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Length: Short Story (38 pgs)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Stephantois

In a world where everything’s for sale, some things simply can’t be bought.

A Tahoe Nights story.

Janice hadn’t planned to take her long-awaited getaway alone, but when a girl catches her boyfriend with his pants around his ankles…well, let’s just say that at age thirty, there aren’t many princes waiting in line to take the frog’s place.

She arrives in Reno ready to break out of all the molds life has crammed her into. In short order she’s not only getting lucky at the blackjack table, she’s hit the jackpot with Mr. Sex-On-A-Stick. A man who seduces her with his eyes and shows her how a woman should be treated.

Aaron is living the dream. His gift for pleasuring women brings him everything a man could want: a home in the beautiful Lake Tahoe basin, money, gorgeous, rich ladies vying for his very expensive time. Yet there’s a void that haunts him as he lies alone in bed at night. At first, Janice is just another empty job. Then she opens a door and fills his empty life with something he never dared to imagine, let alone want.

Janice discovers her lover has cheated on her and goes to Reno where she meets Aaron who’s used to giving women exactly what they want.

This was a fun and very sexy story to read. I really liked Janice and Aaron. Although he’s been with lots of women he comes across as caring and genuine, and you know from the beginning he’s got real feelings for Janice.

S. L. Carpenter does a top notch job of fitting this well rounded story with some in depth characterization in very few pages. Many times, short stories can feel lacking, but this one really accomplished quite a bit despite its short length. The dialogue is natural sounding and the setting perfect for this story. The sex scenes are hot and well placed.

The book is a hot, fast read and my only complaint…I wanted more. If you have twenty minutes to spare, and are looking for a book that's both steamy and romantic, I can highly recommend you pick this story.

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