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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Raising the Stakes by Jess Dee

Raising the Stakes by Jess Dee
Three of a Kind Book 2
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (93 Pages)
Other: M/F, Ménage, M/F/M, Anal Sex/Play
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

After four years, Megan Loxley has given up waiting for her best friend, Desmond Reed, to realize she loves him. It’s time to move on. When Des introduces her to his poker buddy, Alex Truman, the instantaneous sparks that flare between them signal her life is about to change forever.

Des could kick himself. How could he have failed to notice the perfect woman was by his side all this time? Now it’s too damn late. And her innocent prodding about why he’s suddenly so distant is only making his hunger for her worse. Then she gets one step too close—and his self-restraint snaps.

Stunned, bewildered, furious, Meg can’t help but respond to the kisses for which she waited so long. God help her, she loves Des. And Alex, too. Immeasurably. Now what?

It may make her the greediest woman alive, but she’s determined to win the next hand— even if she has to change the game a little. First step: state her wildly sexy proposition in a language both men will understand…and hope they’ll stick around and play by her rules.

After four years of unrequited love for her best friend, Megan has finally decided to move on. When Des, the man of her fantasies and her best friend, introduces her to poker buddy Alex, she falls hard. And Alex feels the same for her. It’s only after this that Des realizes what he’s done; lost the only woman he ever loved, and gave her away to his buddy.

Meanwhile, life couldn’t get any better between Alex and Megan, right? Well at least until, after a night of extremely satisfying and exhausting sex, Meg drifts off to sleep, replying to Alex’s ‘I love you’ with her reply of ‘I love you too, Desmond’. Can she convince Alex she loves him as well as Des? When Meg realizes she wants both of the men in her life in her bed as well, will they both agree? Or will she lose her best friend forever?

Jess Dee has a talent for making you care about her characters. This trio is no exception. I laughed at some of the antics, cried at a few places, and cheered when these three finally made that first step to be together. Of course, they say the course of true love never runs smoothly, and it is certainly true in this case. I loved that the threesome wasn’t a foregone conclusion, and that Megan had to fight hard for what she wanted from the guys.

Megan is a realist. I like that she was determined to get on with life, after pining for Des for four long years. I loved seeing her make a new life with Alex, at least until she realizes what she really wants. Then her determination to have it all is just fantastic.

Des and Alex are perfect for Meg. Alex is the romantic and spontaneous one, while Des is the brooding hero who gives up his dreams to see the woman he loves happy. They are both hunks of the first order, and I can see why Meg can’t choose between them. What sane woman could?

This has it all; romance, hot sex between two people, then more screaming hot action between three people. There are tears, drama, laughter, and most of all, there is love between these three people who grow to be so much more together than they are apart. I recommend this for all who love hot romantic episodes, and I must warn you to have the cold drinks handy.

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