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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sacrifice to the Stars by Viola Grace

Sacrifice to the Stars by Viola Grace
The Hashka Chronicles Book 1
Publisher: Extasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (74 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Tia’s life has been defined by avoiding the priesthood, so when she finds herself on a foreign world with seductively familiar males, she is conflicted. General Jenner Mathwin is striking and his voice sends her body into a full-on riot. Can she trust him when it comes to offering her for sacrifice or will the Lassing priesthood tear her to pieces? She really hopes that her trust is earned because when she offers herself to the star’s avatar, she will be tied hand and foot in a public forum. It may be a little late to change her mind once they bind her...

Oritia ran from her home planet of Morvigeth to escape the priests of Lassing. As a latent psychic, she would be sacrificed to Lassing at her first heat. Her parents help her to prevent the onset, but in Hashka females, this could cause madness. So her family saved so she could escape Morvigeth and the priests.

She thought she had made a complete getaway, but a meteor strike caused her to make an emergency landing on Emicar IV, another Hashka world, and right back to the problem she fought to escape. She disguises herself, pretending to be Misrael, whose traditional garb covered her from head to toe. But General Jenner Mathwin realizes there is something strange about the new barmaid, and soon uncovers Tia’s secret. He hides her from the priests, and convinces her that the actual ritual of the sacrifice is not supposed to cause pain, but pleasure, and certainly not torture and death. And Tia wants badly to believe him, and not have to run anymore. Can she put her trust in a man she just met? Can Jenner stop the priests and protect Tia? Most important, will becoming the avatars of the stars provide a new life for them both?

This is the first book of a new series by Viola Grace. I like the Hashka race that Ms. Grace has created, as they are different from anything she has done before. This first book sets the stage for many more adventures in this universe, and the journey looks to be filled with adventure, peril and lots of hot and steamy sex. The characters are well thought out, and the story here, while quite graphic when dealing with the sacrifice perversion on Morvigeth, is one of hope and happy endings.

Oritia ‘Tia’ is determined to escape the only possible fate for her on Morvigeth after the priests show her the horrific result of one such sacrifice. She is strong and smart, and her quick wits help her in tight spots. But time is running out, as the drugs she took are wearing off, and soon Hashka men will be drawn to her. She is afraid, but wants to trust in the hope offered to her.

Jenner Mathwin knows right away that Tia is no Misrael woman, but he didn’t expect the powerful attraction he felt for her. I enjoyed watching these two come to terms with their feelings. Jenner is gorgeous, and hot, and has a brother, Morrer, just about as hot. I liked that Jenner and his brother, one of the priests of Lassing on Emicar IV, were able to foil the evil priests, and protect Tia.

The ritual sacrifice ceremony was a surprise for all involved, and I found many twists and turns in this one lead to a very satisfying conclusion. If this first book in the Hashka Chronicles is any indication, then Viola Grace has another great series to enjoy. I look forward to meeting more of the Hashka people, on the many worlds of their universe.

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