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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sex On The Slopes by Susan Lyons

Sex On The Slopes by Susan Lyons
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (200 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed By Myrtle

Get ready to melt with the latest sizzling novel by the author of Sex on the Beach...

Wedding planner Andi Radcliffe wants to be a man's "first and only," yet she can't take her eyes-or hands-off sexy firefighter Jared, a widower who's already loved and lost. Though she doesn't want to be any man's second choice, their secret rendezvous are setting off all the right alarms.

Brianna George, the groom's boss and friend, is the celebrity host of a TV talk show. She's all about business-until Zack, a hot young Aussie ski instructor, shows her the sexy side of life. But will their secret romance jeopardize her career?

Maddie Daniels, the groom's little sister, always had a thing for his bad-boy friend Logan. Seeing him again after so many years, she won't miss her chance to prove she's all grown up...and find out just how a good a bad boy Logan really is.

Warning: You may want to turn on the fan before starting Sex On The Slopes.

Believe me, the book is hot enough to melt the snow and ice on the Alpine slopes and is divided into sections dealing with three different couples and intertwined around a wedding in the Alpine. The first is Fire and Ice, which sets the stage for the whole book.

A fire in a little alpine chalet is where fire fighter Jared Stone rescues Andi Radcliffe, a wedding planner. When he see her standing in the snow out side the inn, dressed in only a short nightie and a thigh high robe that could have been one of those sexy numbers from a Victoria's Secret advertisement, Jared sweeps her off her feet, gives her the coat off his back, and lets her know that everyone in the wedding party is fine. Fire and Ice is a nice drink recipe included in the book it is also a good description of how they met. Sex on the slopes is another drink with recipe included for one of “those life-doesn't-get-much-better-than-this moments.”

Slippery Slope the second section picks up after the fire when the wedding party is sitting in the lounge waiting to return to their rooms. Brianna George is the groom’s boss and the only one from work invited on the pre-wedding trip. Brianna has always been all work and no play until she meets Zack Michaels, a ski instructor from Australia, on an outing schedule by the wedding planner. With Brianna being Career-driven and Zack fun-driven will they have a holiday fling or can they meet somewhere in the middle and fall in love?

In Hot Pursuit of a Bad Boy is the last section but just as hot as the first two. Logan Carver grew up with the groom Tom, but there is another reason he has been invited to the wedding and the alpine trip. Ten years has past since Maddie, Tom’s younger sister, has seen Logan but the flames she had for him all those years ago still burn. Logan pushed her away back then saying she was to young and innocent and then he left town without a word.

I was completely blown away at how Ms. Lyons connected each section together, bringing each couple to the forefront for their own hot sex and love story. It was amazing how the story flowed from one section to the other almost like reading a series only better, because everything was wrapped up in one big read. What make Sex On The Slopes a Best Book to me was the details played out in the plot and how each section blended together like a well made drink. Added bonus is all the mix drink recipes scattered between chapters. Truly a book well worth reading and adding to your permanent library -- one that I am excited to recommend to all my friends as a must read.


Susan Lyons/Fox said...

Myrtle, I'm delighted by your review and the "Best Book" rating. I love your comment about how the sections blend together like a well made drink. Thanks so much!

Pat Amsden said...


Now I have to go and buy another book and I've already spent way too much this month. I do like her books though.

Pat Amsden